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Monday, 4 May 2015


I'm completely burnt out from school and work stuff - it's been a super-long week, and the fact that I'm spending my free day (Yay for Bank Holidays!) working on a presentation is not making the whole situation any better. So, after 3-4 days of thinking about the subject for my next post (which isn't very common for me - before even thinking about it, I already know what I want to talk about), I just decided to share my current obsessions:

1. Bates Motel. Vera Farmiga, the little cute boy from the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (that isn't so little anymore) and the most beautiful young actress Olivia Cooke (possibly my future lover FYI) make an amazing cast of a prequel to one of my favourite Hitchock pieces - Psycho. In its 3rd season, there are 28 episode of the wonderful cinematography and tons of suspense. Note that I'm not really a horror fan, but this show just makes me want to watch more. But yeah, best tv show ATM so... Game of who?!

2. Spotify (+ the browse button). Yes, I know that UNFORTUNATELY Croatia is not on the Spotify list so you can't really use it there, but for the rest of the world - do join in if you haven't yet. I've always been a fan of the excitement that I get from playing a random Youtube playlist, and I still sometimes do that, but the Spotify Browse section is a place I lose my hours - going through numerous playlists, (re)discovering old and new, and a special love for those late night playlists. It just makes those heavy night hours better.

3. Poundsales. Yes, quite specific but also possibly the best place to be on a weekend. After crying (simbolically, NOT PHYSICALLY) after seeing the amazing Dries Van Noten pieces in Selfridges, I can't help but enjoy going into rails of dirty and smelly clothes and pulling out amazing gems that make me happy as much as Selfridges does. All that for a £ and with a sane conscience of not falling under that produce-buy-throw away process. Yes - buying second hand means being sustainable.

4. Lush (esp. Oxford Street). I've fawned over the new Lush store just off Oxford Circus through all of my social media accounts, but I just can't stop raving about it! The three-story high extravaganza of organic ingredients and unreal smells makes you achieve a visual orgasm (the colours are amazing), while their interior filled with sinks (!!!) makes you want to try everything there is. Plus, the 'fragrance museum' in the lower floor is totally amazeballs - gives your nose a roller-coaster ride.

5. Hampstead Heath. Ahh, my lovely North London! Literally a 10 minute walk from my place, Hampstead Heath is the most wonderful place to be in this shifty springtime weather. And although I'm typically not a big solo-runner (at least not long distance), I pushed myself into going running several times - just for the experience that this park gives you. Screw Hyde, Green or Regent's - Hampstead Heath has the loveliest view (one of the highest spots in London), gives you space to be alone (one of the biggest parks), and is just a pure explosion of greenery (one of the oldest parks). A couple of hours there give me strength to go through my week with a positive mind.

Plus, in the lack of words - just look at the photos!!! Possibly my favourite ones yet from my collaboration with little miss Ali!
photos by Ali Baïllon
Wearing Topshop satin crepe culottes, Gant Rugger turtleneck, DIORALOP vest, Olney straw boater hat, Daniel Wellington watch & Zara studded brogues

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  1. Love the big bow on your jacket!

    Have great start of the week :)


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