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Saturday, 18 April 2015


To quote my favourite UK talk-show host: 'Ohh, what a week it's been.'

Spilling some liquid around my computer -> computer stop working -> crying -> screaming -> crying -> going to Croatia for a short set of holidays -> sending my computer to the repair-man > doing an exciting new (kinda secret) project -> hanging out & partying with my old friends -&> getting my computer fixed in an awesome turn of events -> being happy -> NOW.

I almost feel exhausted even thinking about these past ten days - it's been everything but physically relaxing, and it was supposed to be my holiday. Now that I'm back in London, it's time to work, meet deadlines (training my writing muscle!), and live my real life. It has honestly been tricky juggling my idea of a London life and the reality of my London life. The constant question that has been popping on and on again -  an exciting smile on around not-friend, not-stranger's face and asking me 'So... How's London?'

I've been refraining myself from saying anything too in depth (in true London style) and mostly answered - 'It's amazing, I love it.' That's when the conversation stopped because the other person got exactly what he/she/it wanted - a confirmation of the amazing London life. And when you get the answer you want, you most probably don't ask any more questions. But it's not - I still have the same problems of waking up, the dilemma of being late, having to eat, pee AND poop, the constant (no) love problems, and all that jazz. However, there are those magic moments, that happen probably too rarely. Moments when you realise - yes you need to poop and pay rent, but hey - YOU'RE POOPING AND PAYING RENT IN LONDON. And then, during those several magic moments you feel amazing and lightweight, it's the time when you respect all your decisions. Decisions to move out of the safe comfort (food) zone of your parent's home, leaving most of your friends behind and experiencing something new just because you think there's an opportunity. Thankfully, I met amazing people and am studying what I absolutely love and enjoy doing (which I promise to talk about in one of the future posts) - which definitely makes giving £87 for a month of transport much easier.

So please - don't ask the 'So, how's London?' unless you're ready to hear a story about pooping in one of the most disgusting toilets in Hyde Park. Another time. Maybe...

ps. I truly didn't expect this post to turn into a digestion diary. Sorry for that. x

photos by Ali Baïlon
Sassy attire featuring Angela Lukanovich blazer, H&M white t-shirt, vintage fatman trousers from Beyond Retro, Zara belt, Massimo Dutti shoes, Giant Vintage sunglasses


  1. hehe Dino potpuno te razumijem u ovome što si napisao, jer sam i ja u sličnoj situaciji... vječno pitanje: "Kako je u Danskoj?" kakda se vratim doma, i moj kratki i stalni odgovor: "Odlično!" :D
    btw cool outfit!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. I admire your ability to discuss the pooping social medias. I have DEFINITELY done it too much on my blog. Not physical pooping but writing about it. Because hey, pooping. It's a great thing. Fabulous, really. Especially IN LONDON? Okay, sheesh, I'll shush.

    Loving those pants. So groovy, dude.

  3. the pooping *ON social medias. I NEED TO LEAVE.

  4. Everything about this outfit is on point! I love it so much!


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