style brick road: July 2014

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Perfect Match

Each summer, just days before I go to the sea side (ps. sending kisses from Split, Croatia), I get into arranging old photo albums and numerous boxes of family/childhood photos. And each summer, I discover something new - how my parents were all kinds of stylish, how my grandma and grandpa had the most beautiful countryside wedding ever, how my sister was (and still is!) the cutest girl in her class. As this last year was probably the most intense in the fashion department for me yet, it was easily predictable I'll re-discover a point of my childhood personal 'style' (how highly I speak of my random childrenswear).

And yep, it did happen. While flipping through the piles of images, I realized how much I wore (and loved) twinsets, and judging by one of my 2014 obsessions - the love wasn't stuck in the 90's. Most of them were WGW - a made-in-Croatia brand that was a major hit in the 90's and the beginning of 00's, years before high-street-brands hit the Croatian retail market and made everyone love them primarily for their cheap prices that none of the Country-of-Origin friendly brands could match. WGW is still pretty iconic out here, and I'm seriously rooting for them to re-launch or re-brand their own production (like they did few years back with WGW Gando - a project that later grew into Iggy store) n into something new that could compete really high on today's market. It was a synonym for good-quality, fun fashion and in the end - a brand that had a strong influence on the style of most sub-cultures of those days. Twinsets were a big part of that time's childrenswear, and as my mom had a big love for matching clothes I was bound to wear them. Although there's a big love for mismatched outfits coming from me, there's always that amazing print or a stunning colour that could make me go monochromatic and wear a twinset. It's fun in that childhood-friendly kind of way - reminiscing on memories and trends from the past. My past.

After indulging into a bit of narcissistic action of self-imagery and rewinding, I skipped onto something a bit more recent - the Spring/Summer 2015 collections shown a few months back I have already watched and reviewed in the spaces of my own imaginary Macbook cubicle at home, but are yet to be publicly shared at SBR. I am yet to open up about my absolute favourites for the season, but a collection that came pretty high on my love-list (absolutely imaginary, definitely NOT real) was the Christopher Shannon's 90's showdown, when most of the boys conveniently walked out in matching twinsets that would be equally fabulous in a children's and men's size. The collection's inspiration primarily derives from a 1995 series of photographs named In My Room: Teenagers in their bedrooms by an American artist named Adrienne Salinger, and that very teen-sitcom feel that's easily relatable to a tumblr aesthetic that's become some kind of a mainstream, but anti-normcore movement. The clothes were very literal in their collage-y inspiration, but can easily relate to their customer. I'd personally wear them - some as they are, and some split-up and worn with other uni-coloured pieces, and that approachable aura surrounding the collection is making me cross my fingers for this collection to become a commercial success, something that isn't too foreign for Shannon. The elaborate love of colour is something we both share, and that's probably one of the reasons I naturally fall in love with his collections in total, and in twinsets - a colour scheme is everything!

In my own 2014 outfits, I tried to combine both my childhood simplistic twinsets with the Christopher Shannon point of view, spontaneously picking up the boots and tying my hair in a tiny topknot. It's a 90's meet the androgyny of the 70's, and a bit of a boy meets man turn-point in adolescence. It made sense in my head - I hope it translates into yours too.
Runway & Backstage photos by Essential Homme Mag, Hero & Dazed Digital
Images from the In My Room: Teenagers in their bedrooms series by Adrienne Salinger
Wearing a custom-made SOEL by Sonja Lamut twinset, H&M visor, tee and necklace, Daniel Wellington watch and Giant Vintage sunglasses
Wearing H&M twinset, tank top and necklace, Casio watch, Zara studded oxfords and Giant Vintage sunglasses

Saturday, 19 July 2014

And the winner is... @ NEW YORKER Fresh Island Giveaway

As you could see in my last post, you could win 2 tickets to NEW YORKER Fresh Island festival, and today is supposed be the day I announce the winner. I'm a bit shocked that there wasn't a bigger response, but I'll credit that to the last-minute factor of the giveaway.

Not to take any more time, let's skip to the important things and scroll down for the winner...

Congrats to Petra - please e-mail me to with all of your personal details and let me know you see this! :) To everyone else. please do enjoy your NEW YORKER Fresh Island festival if you're going, and if you'r not - enjoy your summer!

ps. Thanks to the guys at NEW YORKER for this amazing project! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

NEW YORKER Fresh Island worldwide giveaway

Long time, no see would be a proper understatement in this 21st century 24/7 internet era. Not being present on the blog for almost 2 weeks seems like not publishing a monthly magazine for half a year or skipping a week in a daily newspaper. But don't be fooled - it's not like I ran to my rathole and slept there for 2 weeks. I've been partying my ass off on festivals around Croatia & Serbia, hanging out with my friends and mostly holding on to people I won't be seeing that much when September comes. It was a nice memento-friendly time, but I needed a true reality check of e-mails and general backlog to get myself into my daily routine of world-awareness. To be honest - although it's quite nice to unwind and keep yourself away from the fashion & media, that feeling of having things in your control is probably a bit nicer. At the end of the day, I'm an Aries - a born control freak.

But aside from my random ranting about enjoying the unwinding moments these last couple of weeks - I've got amazing news for YOU. As a proper festival animal (yes, I'd like to believe I coined that expression) - it was time to share my love for that adrenaline rush of dancing with strangers, staying up till dawn and purely having fun with my readers. Thanks to NEW YORER, who I teamed up with for this special occasion - I've got a pretty good prize for the luckiest of the Style Brick Riders. 

If you're up for hip-hop & urban music fan, and you know who Rick Ross, DMX Pusha T or Methodman are, and you want to party from the 23rd to the 25th of July - this is probably a prize you would want to get. NEW YORKER Fresh Island festival is that festival every person wanting a proper summer HipHop extravaganza would like to visit, and once again thanks to NEW YORKER I can offer you 2 tickets for 2014 NEW YORKER Fresh Island festival (more info on the page), the biggest open-air urban music festival in Europe held at the Zrće beach, on the island of Pag.

The rules are quite simple (as always) - there are only 5 steps you need to enter the competition:
4. Click LIKE on the bottom of this post
5. Leave a comment with your full name and e-mail address below the post

I'll choose a winner in 3 days - on the 19th of July and publish it here on the blog! 
Just to be clear - the giveaway is available to everyone worldwide!!

Good luck and please enter only if you'll sure be able to go to the festival, just so you don't steal the spot from someone that both wants and can go.

ps. Enjoy my NEW YORKER Fresh Island playlist - so you can get down low and drop it like it's hot!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

An Old Face With a New Case

This is that awkward moment when I come back after a 2-and-a-something week hiatus, and don't know where, when or how to start. I had a few moments of weakness (or power - it depends how you think of it) when I got a need to go and write something for you guys to read, opened and my mind went completely - blank. I would like to think I needed these few weeks off, just to take care of something a bit more personal like finally realising that in 2 months - I'll be living thousands of miles away from my family, friends, or just simply said - home. Facing the blog was like facing my reality, and although it was hard at moments - I finally faced it as a big boy and said to myself - change is good, change is what you wanted. Probably too spiritual and a bit pretentious for my own taste, but a truth it is indeed.

So, I always state it's important to find a reason to do something, and my mini comeback was pushed by my collaboration with Roses Fashion Outlet, a magical place I've already talked about a month or so back... Once again, I had a task of styling 5 looks for myself, but this time - it was meant to be from the summer collections. Just to shake things up, I decided to take one particular item to style in each outfit, to give it a funky edge. The item of choice was an elegant Antony Morato printed button-up, interpreted in a colourful story of toys, childhood and combining elegance with sports. Just what everyone needs during the summer!

ps. Just click here to see all of the prices of the items and where to find them! 
Blazer and shorts by Dsquared2, shirt by Antony Morato, trainers by adidas Originals, straw hat by Marlboro Classics, belt by Tommy Hilfiger, sunglasses by Guccy, and my own Zara bow-tie
Basketball jersey and basket ball by adidas, denim shorts by Tom Tailor, shirt by Antony Morato, and shoes by Dsquared 
T-shirt by Tom Tailor, shorts by Iceberg, hi-tops by Supra, shirt by Antony Morato and baseball cap by Benetton
Basketball shorts by adidas, shirt (around the waist), trainers by Reebok, polo shirt by Antony Morato, and bag Benetton, and sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry for Ghetaldus
Dark blue jeans by Boss Orange, sunglasses by Ray Ban, bag by adidas Originals, shirt by Antony Morato, and espadrilles by Creative Recreation