style brick road: June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

With a Little Help...

Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian floods are mostly over, most of the help-lines are closed and it's seems how after all the benefit concerts for the victims of the floods - it's all okay now. Mainstream media have other interests, and #*fill in with one of the endangered Countries*floods is very passé. I would never want to sound pathetic or preach-y, but would just want to state the obvious - those people's need for help isn't over.

So, straying away from naked footballers and crime-driven politicians, one particular project feels very appropriate at this particular moment. FASHION.HR Style Community, one of the most powerful Croatian online fashion destinations, teamed up with the amazingly creative croatian duo behind the name Robert Sever - Branko Basletić and Robert Sever himself, to create something truly unique. What first started as a graphic solution for the new design of the FASHION.HR page (with my great friend Ana Bacinger as the newly addressed editor-in-chief :D), ended up in a philantropic project to help the ones in need. While Robert designed the female eyes, Branko created the (gentle)man version of the design, and they put in their efforts with Roba who made the final product. The t-shirts are available in 4 designs - 3 in women's sizes, and 1 in men's size, and you can buy them both on and offline. Thanks to the concept stores Iggy from Zagreb and Krug from Split, and the online destination of Vešmašina for offering the free retail space, all profits from the sales will proceed towards the accounts of the people in Slavonija who are currently in recontruction mode - of both their homes and their lives.

Although the prime idea of creating a capsule collection of t-shirts was strictly for promotional purpose, I find the joint collaboration of all these very reassuring on the note that fashion people can do things bona fide, for a purpose they believe in. Non of those gala-spends-tens-of-thousands-on-getting-ready-and-donates-half-of-that-nonsense. This is what I call true and human use of creative ideas. So go on and buy a t-shirt if you can - 149kn won't hurt your account, you'll have an it-piece for this summer, and most importantly - you WILL help the ones who need the help. 

ps. Just to be clear - this is no kind of a promotional post, I truly believe in this cause and was personally driven to create this post.

Wearing my X Robert Sever t-shirt with Asos jeans, H&M espadrilles, Giant Vintage sunglasses and Daniel Wellington watch

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Wandering Clown

Clowns have never been something I was very keen on - I still remember going to the circus as a 6-year-old with my sister, my uncle and his then-girlfriend and being more wowed by the beautiful animals than the crazy-coloured people doing stoopid jokes (it's also why I hate people that force themselves in being funny - that's probably the worst kind of people, after criminals and liars of course). But still, their uniforms always took my interest away from the stuff they did - I believed they wore funny clothes because they want to be assured that if their jokes failed, they could turn to their outfits. That's probably what everyone does - we put on an outfit and expect it to speak instead of us if we ever lack the words.
Instead of bashing on clowns like me, some people tend to get inspired. David Wyatt, Valentina Brugnatelli and Gianluca Soldi are those people. Standing behind the name of The Wandering Collective, this Barcelona-based trio built quite a collective - while David is assigned with women's ready-to-wear, Gianluca is doing shoes, and Valentina is covering the field of costume jewellery. They have been going on for 4 years now, and have created a number of really interesting collections which strength is probably lying in their power of three. They offer a complete lifestyle, and for a young independent brand that's not showing collections on big fashion weeks - that's a big deal.

I've discovered them during the last Fashion Week Zagreb (where I also fell in love with Kralj&Krajina) where they showed their A/W 2014 collection they created in collaboration with Trendcy. Inspired by the uniform of a clown - it was all about fun, at times interpreted in a literal way, but never went to the novelty category. Yokes, ruffles and op-art graphics looked both insanely 80's but true to their inspiration - some give their clownishness in shapes, while others present a take on the colour story. The Wandering Collective doesn't have a tendency to be 'the sexy brand' nor the 'business brand', I presume the fact that there is 3 of them provides them with a range - from showy fashion-y pieces, to more streamline ones, that still doesn't lack the joyful spirit. You can find the complete lookbook on their page, but also shop away their last collection that includes amazing handmade footwear I'm dying for at here.

My eyes naturally fell on the amazing hats shown with their collections, created out of wool and based on a mixture of a clown's hat and a Matador's. That insane combination made me fell in love with this statement  pieces I interpreted in my own way - one that's a bit more literal with its clownishness (hello pom-poms!), while the other one is what I'd consider a classic menswear look, injected with a bit of contrast. It's that tassel a day that keeps the doctor away.

Runway and photos are courtesy of Trendcy, while the vintage clown photos were found on tumblr.

Wearing The Wandering Collective AW14 hat with a Dioralop tailcoat vest, DIY pompom sweatshirt, my let's say DIY necklace and H&M black jeans
Wearing The Wandering Collective hat with H&M trousers and faux-leather vest, Aldo shoes, Zara tee, C&A denim jacket and adidas Originals watch

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Coming back home from London usually comes with a strike of personal inspiration, and this time it wasn't a bit different. I've had my London College of Fashion MA interview on Thursday, and it went truly amazing but I'll talk about that as soon as I: a) finish my last BA exams and b) have some official info I can share.

But my university life aside, I had 2 amazing days in London (will share some pics with the LCoF report) and as always got something new to write about - something very associated the London culture that came to me while strolling down SoHo with my (beautiful) friend Dee. What some would call a nonsense looking party style, I'd call a thought-out bold fashion - or just plane rave chic. Firstly associated with the Chicago area of USA back in the 80's, it probably got a more refined image thanks to the London scene (as most subcultures did). While I'm not discussing the drug-MDMA part of this culture (which is quite inseparable if you get the idea some parts of the classic rave outfits were there for the sake of the drug), it's just the way of putting together something that doesn't quite go, a feeling that I love to get while arranging my own wardrobe. This eclectic-friendly feeling aside, the subject that makes me connect with this kind of style on a great level is the high-level connection of the style and the music. With its roots in 70's/60's psychedelic imagery (that definitely deserves and will get its own space on SBR soon) including artist like Pablo Amaringo, rave 'uniforms' are a literal fashion expression of the intense rhythms that were having a vast moment on the clubbing scene then, and I can easily say that kind of music is having its mainstream comeback these past few years. Although the real rave parties don't exist in their basic form, you can see the festivals becoming some kind of a 2010's revival of the genre, but unfortunately - the fashion isn't that brave anymore.

Designer-wise, I got a huge boost for this post by the always-amazing Susie Bubble who told me via Instagram about Meadham Kirchhoff's menswear collections that were discontinued after the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. They always did have that eclectic feel about their menswear, but a rave moment came in their S/S13 presentation - a squat-like space and a feeling of a morning-after atmosphere came through the photos, while the pieces in their own core were in strong, both wearable and interesting fashion. 
On the other side of the planet there is Emma Mulholland, a young Australian name which I've also met through Susie's amazing blog during her Australian FW adventure (yay for the power of social media!), and been researching since. A very European point of view interpreted in that Californian beach mise-en-scène is how I'd describe the stereotypical Aussie fashion, but Mulholland ticks some other boxes - loud wearability and heavy 90's hip-hop influences to name only some. She sold out from in a mere moment, and her prices of a great range truly fall into a young brand category. Honestly - can't wait to get a piece of hers!
On the similar spectrum of aesthetic, but back on the old continent is starstyling, a German-based brand & concept store that sells both their own collections and acquire young designers of similar point-of-view. They show truly unique lookbooks each season, and always add new silhouettes to their already recognisable street-party chic of loose boxy cuts and oversized pieces. While their S/S14 pieces are a bit more on the comfy side, considering the jerseys dominating the textile front, I can't help but fall in love with both that one and their a bit more mature A/W14 looks. It has obviously evolved from a street into a fashion brand, with its remaining relaxed approach but with a little more class. One of my personal favourites of my own closet is their oversized t-shirt covered in neon foils I got from the lovely Branka of Zagreb's ROBA store, which is one of the staple pieces of the German brand, judging by the constant sold-out status of the piece. Worn with another piece from the closet I love but wear on a rare occasion aka Topman light-denim dungarees and the Nike Roshe Run outlet-bought sneakers, I love to believe I took rave and put a SBR spin on it - yes it's loud, and very out there, but I still have my scare of getting too dirty (figuratively speaking of course) with a need to polish out the cray-cray looks. Seriously - I need to get rid of that soon, a little bit of dirty is ok - right?

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S13 menswear
Emma Mulholland (images from her website - from top to bottom: AW12, SS13, AW14)

starstyling SS14 & AW14 

I was wearing starstyling oversized t-shirt (courtesy of ROBA), Topman dungarees, Mr Gugu jacket, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Giant Vintage sunglasses & Toywatch watch