style brick road: February 2014

Friday, 28 February 2014

qui, qu'a vu Coco... (no.2)

Oh, the memories of one of the most beautiful experiences I've lived within this story called Style Brick Road. I still remember (through a blur though - since champagne was just about everything I ate that day) my first Chanel experience. It was the Espace Parfums space in Zagreb, which was opened almost 2 years ago. And still one of my favourite pieces on this blog is about that particular visit and unique Chanel parfums tasting we did there. Although most of the piece is in Croatian, do check it out here.

And now, 20 months (math!!) older, with 20 months of experience and with a completely new taste in perfumes, I still fanboyed entering the beautiful new space for Chanel in Zagreb - it's in the sole core of Zagreb, at the Main Ban Jelačić Square. Although that 'Coco spirit' already possessed me the last time, yesterday I had quite a powerful connection with this, now even more beautiful espace... Sorry for my French attempts, but it somehow slips into my Chanel lingo. PS. I got to meet a few of Croatian best beauty bloggers, few of the most extremely nice & likable girls I've met through blogging! :3

The power of Chanel cosmetics & parfums is that they are approachable to regular people yearning for luxury, and not exclusive to all those fabulous fashionistas mounted with Chanel clothes and jewelry. Let's be honest, I'm just another regular guy, with no million-dollar incomes - so those shiny little bottles really make the difference to me. And that's probably the reason why I connect so well with the concept of luxurious, haute couture cosmetics. You can wear your Breton stripes shirt with a navy-inspired blazer, a bouclé rose beret and a dash of Bois Des Iles or Allure, and feel like a Chanel guy. At least I can, and damn - it feels good.
I wore my vintage YSL blazer, H&M breton shirt & skinny jeans, Zara floral cap & scarf and Aldo shoes. With (of course) my favourite Daniel Wellington watch.

Merci à beautiful Virginie & my new friend, beauty blogger Jelena for taking my photos! :3

ps. I cancelled my ski trip due to bad weather, so I'm upset & sad at the same time, probably the only thing making me happy right now is this blog. :(

xx d.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

old chucks of mine.

Some thing are created with the intention to become universal, like mathematic symbols or the half-failed Esperante language/culture, but some just fail to this category completely accidentally.

Favourite sneakers in the world probably fall in the latter. It's the Chuck Taylor All-Star Converse, probably best known as the 'Chucks', 'All Stars', 'Convos' - depending on the sub-culture in case. My first ones were navy high-tops, with a red inside and a red&white strap on the back. I still have them, somewhere... (which is not weird, since I'm a hoarder and a half)

Firstly created as a baseball trainer, then adopted by punks, then came the hip-hop culture, and most recently the fancy gang wears them too. I remember my friend who was a hardcore posh wannabe (she's still a friend, so I get to talk about her in this way), and each time a kid passed by wearing a pair of Chucks, she looked at him/her in a particular 'help me, these people smell' kinda way. That was sometime about 2006. 2009 came, and look at her - she's wearing a pair of low white chucks. With a frilly blouse and a pair of fancy jeans. How convenient.
There probably isn't a particular piece of footwear that had SO many reinventions, redesigns, collaborations, artists working on its look... I bet all of the other shoes in the shoe world are mighty jealous of the Converse All Stars. After owning about 2 hi-tops, I uncompromisingly switched by obsession to the low-tops, and created a relationship I hadn't have since. Shoe-wise that is.

Since I got my first pair, there hasn't been a time I didn't have at least a pair in my shoe-closet (which sounds cool, but really is a bunch of boxes arranged under/above/in every surface they fit in). I have a pair of summer-y ones, a white, green & red combo I bought myself at one of my first lone-trips to Camden town. From the beginning of my Chuck love I never really owned one of the regular designs -although I always came with an intention to buy a basic pair, I came out of the store with one that had some cute details/colour combos that caught my eye. I somehow can say Chucks derived by own love for shoes. Damn you.
Maison Martin Margiela x Chuck Taylor Converse All Star
As I mentioned, all kinds of people love and wear Chuck Taylors, just because their design allows you to put the shoe in your own mindset. That's probably the reason why they became a must-piece (hate hate hate this phrase) like 'a pair of black heels' or 'a white shirt'. They are now owned by Nike, who probably connects the brand with various collaborators - Disney, Margiela, Watanabe... Anything a fairy-boy like me can dream of.

There are endless ways to wear them, and that versatility point is what makes looking street-style pics of people wearing them probably the most inspirational 'looking-at-street-style' moments. In my book, that is.
Fancy Miu Miu or shredded Chucks?
Thanks to my friends at East Dane, you can browse through a variety of All Stars, available at their online shop - with a few re-invented, exclusive pieces and a vast number of those lovable classics. Check it out down bellow!

And as it was fun scrambling through all available editions of All Stars, the fun continued during creating an outfit featuring this legend of a shoe. My latest ones are truly a special kind - a wool textile in a cute plaid-ish pattern are my probably my easiest-to-wear shoes in these transitional area of neither-spring, neither-winter. They become a perfect excuse to wear springtime shoes, just because I can tell my mother/father/anyone - 'BUT THEY'RE MADE OF WOOL!!!'.

And to be clear - the spirit of the Chucks (and the fact I quarreled with my mom during the last one) made this shoot SO much fun. I instantly saw this 80's teen TV series, and a title sequence constisting of colourful people jumping around in dungarees and crushed velvet. #wishIwasakidinthe80s
diy dungarees_h&m parka & sweater_vintage silk scarf_converse all star sneakers_giant vintage clear frames sunglasses (find them here)_daniel wellington Swansea watch (get 20% on every DW buy by typing in 'styledino')

xx d.