style brick road: Stories of Amsterdam pt. 2

Monday, 22 December 2014

Stories of Amsterdam pt. 2

Soon after I came home last Monday, I fled for a weekend to Budapest and that's why my second part of Amsterdam adventure is coming on with a tad of delay. Travelling and having 1000 and 1 thoughts on my mind have contaminated my mind and the whole process of writing this post has been a bit more complicated than I expected... But here I go!

It seems quite disturbing having to look back only about 2 weeks back and struggling with remembering every detail I had on my mind at that moment - is it me getting old? No, it's just that Amsterdam has been a week of true mental rest (physical not so much - hence the bike riding) that was much much needed. But after the first part that was more concentrated on the city in general, I had saved the more obvious, culturally positive content for the second bit - Stedelijk & Van Gogh museum. Two very different museums, yet stamped a similar point in my head - beautiful, heavily-spirited places where I could spend days lurking around. They also had me remembering the fact that London is quite reasonable in terms of museum-hopping - all A-dam museums are entry-fee-positive, meaning all of them require a ticket to get into. Stedelijk at least has a student discount, but Van Gogh one is very straight-forward - 15 Euros for everyone above 18. I could easily talk about both of them for hours, but it's quite obvious it would be kind of stupid of me. While Stedelijk is a heaven for contemporary, 20th century art in any shape or form (although I was missing some moving image pieces!), Van Gogh museum is a retrospective that will keep interest in the short-lived artist's life for literally everyone - kids to adults, clueless to art-lovers. Both of them were my choices for my first Amsterdam visit because those, more specific museums are places I tend to visit - but with the city that has most museums per person, it's up to you to decide which one you'll visit.

Few other places that are definitely worth singling out come from absolutely different aspects - for best chocolate cookies ever go to Van Stapele just of Spuistraat (they only offer one type of cookie and it's dark chocolate outside and white chocolate inside - divine is a soft word), for best flea-market -shopping go to Waterlooplein (which also has awesome thrift shops next to it) and for the most beautiful bike-riding backdrop go to Overhoeks, a Northern neighbourhood of Amsterdam just a  2-minute ferry-ride away from the central station where the EYE Institute of Film is situated. The place has a beautiful architecture - unique mix of industrial and contemporary with a temperature that is a few degrees lower than the rest of the city. Unfortunately, the EYE's exhibition was closed the week I was visiting, but the interior is as divine as the exterior and with a beautiful café it's a place to hang out.

All in all, Amsterdam was a lovely experience worth re-living and recommending - so comes spring or summer, I'll sure be on my way back to this city where everyone's relaxed and almost no one cares. 

ps. Thanks again to the best A-dam guide ever - my dear friend Lana! < 3
Stedelijk - museum of contemporary art
Lego paradise 
One-sheep sweater by Christien Meindertsm
One of the most beautiful exhibitions I've seen - Marlene Dumas' retrospective in Stedelijk
My bike-riding face
Wearing H&M skinny jeans & scarf, Nike hi-tops, Fjallraven backpack, Topman sweatshirt, ASOS cap & Native Youth jacket