style brick road: Old, Old & Something New

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Old, Old & Something New

Okay, as I've already announced the most important NY resolution regarding Style Brick Road back here, and there's literally no space to NOT go cliché with a last-post-of-the-year thing, I'll just do what I did with this years NYE part - say 'It's fine, let's have fun and get this over with'.

Just to recollect all of the moments of the past 364 days and its documentation on the fashion blog that is SBR, it's just worth picking my favourite images/moments, sending you a big hug and/or kiss and turn to 2015 and ask - Can we have it even better?

Love you guys, sending a huge kiss, hope you're spending your time with people you love and wishing all most of your dreams come true in the next 365 days of life! 

Thanks to everyone who made all of these photos happen - Mama Suzy, Anna, Ali, Ivan, Roza, Sonja & many more... Love you to death, and thanks for coping with me! xx