style brick road: Mary, Mary - Le Bon!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mary, Mary - Le Bon!

As I finally verbalised fashion overload that has been ruling my life, I decided to give another dimension to my online diary that is Style Brick Road. London is giving me inspiration and life on literally every corner - from things that are as banal as tortuous brick alleys and random as early morning cyclist's outfit, so having a slight departure from the FASHIONFASHIONFASHION point-of-view and going into those randomly inspirational moments were my decision.

Partly as I will be going back home in less than 2 weeks (screeching with joy), and partly because I'm going to Amsterdam for a week (as you're reading, I'm finishing off my packing - catching a night bus to the amazing & cold A-dam) - the timing for this lifestyle-ish (dirty word) approach to catch in. For my first choice, I went against all odds that are Camden, Shoreditch, Brixton or any cool place per-se, I decided to go with a place I have been spending a lot of my time passing by - the posh place named Marylebone. The name itself has a funny toungue-twister quality to itself, yet the place is so serene, peaceful, posh and with no toungue-in-cheek pieces within it. If you're interested in this North-of-Oxford-street place's past you can Wiki/Google it, but I'm here to tell you about the spots I fell in love with. 

Besides the obvious The Chiltern Firehouse (with no branding signs outside - no name, no addres, no nothing - everyone who needs to know, KNOWS) which hosts the most outstanding parties (e.g. Mario Testino's recent star-packed bday), the place to sit down, grab a coffee/brunch/lunch/even dinner is Monocle Café, situated across the Firehouse. It's pretty small yet immaculately decorated, in style with the aesthetic of the Monocle magazine and Tyler Brûlé himself. Almost always full of people, this little drop-in haven is a place it's worth waking up a bit early for. Paddington Gardens is a child-friendly park just nearby, where you'll probably bump into bunch of stuck-up posh mommies - but if you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of sun in this fabulous green patch, you'll forget about all the Birkins that bumped into you. Many interesting window shops are screaming for a photo, while the best shopping place on a Saturday/Sunday morning is the Marylebone Farmers' Market which is held in a big, yet extremely unattractive parking lot yet somehow holds a spirit of an organic market somewhere far, far away - plus, it reminded me of Dolac, a market in my home-town, so I absolutely admit the judgement is somewhat bias.

For my morning walk around Marylebone, I decided to add a bit of that must-do monochromatic splash to my style - yet still play with the proportions and the final look of the pieces. Pairing up navy, gray and black is a faux-pas (at least in my mom's books), but it felt appropriate to the brick-y, haughty feel of the area. My 'new' vintage bag from Camden was probably the thing that exposed my non-native relationship with the area - I'm a W boy, and I can't hide it even if I try.

PS. There's so much more to Marylebone that I haven't even tackled here (hello, Sherlock Holmes!), but this is just a quick, very personal splash of information on how to spend a few hours while in London.

Paddington Street Gardens
Marylebone Farmers' Market
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