style brick road: Susie x Dazed x McQ

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Susie x Dazed x McQ

I just recently realised why I started posting so rarely since I moved in London. 

With 'new' (not really, after almost 3 months...) school, work, city, and friends, fashion and all its merits have entered every bit of my life. I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up with it in my head - reading books and studying about it, talking to friends about it, etc. Its presence has come from just being a part-time blogger with a freelance job as a writer/stylist/whatever I was back home, to being a full-time fashion professional in the making. Fashion film, new media, exhibitions, round tables... The intensity just went from being at level 10 to level 100. And don't get me wrong - there's nothing but happiness that comes from my heart when I think about it, but the platform that has once been somewhat of a creative vent, now become just a cherry on top of a huge ice-cream cup. And sometimes - the cherry is just a bit too sweet to take in.

But, my stoopid metaphores aside, I still have a lot of things to say, content to share, and just push this platform to another level, mostly inspired by those names that were once a try-hard rookies, but are now a full-blooded fashion professionals. Cue, my today's story of admiration and love for one of the most talented writers and researchers in fashion, and one of the most fabulously-dressed ladies on the planet - Susanna Lau. You may have already caught my admiration for Miss Bubble in several post here and other social media platforms, but it wasn't until recently that I finally got a bit more than a mere YouTube video or a crowdy LFW 'Hi, can I take a photo with you!'. It was the last of the #McQxDazed talks, and the creative individual in conversation with Dazed news editor Zing Tsjeng was the queen of quirky, Susie Bubble herself!

It was a true masterclass of blogging, hearing the veteran talking about the beginnings and how it was then, giving a proper timeline of fashion blogging and hearing about her plans and views of the future. I can't say how excited I am for Susie's book, scheduled for October 2015 (I know who'll be queuing to get a signed copy! :P), but also her work for BBC World, where she gives a young vibe for a series of fashion-themed short features. I could speak for days about what she said and repeat her truly wise words, but it somehow doesn't feel right. What I must mention is the Q&A that happened at the end of the event, with several questions, one of which was mine, regarding fashion education, since Susie comes from a English History background, but she says it's still a dream of hers to get a Master's from Central Saint Martins. I also got an opportunity to have a brief encounter after the talk where I probably got the best compliment from her - after realising I'm 'the Dino from her blog comments and social media' (my invitation for the event came in thanks to Susie herself), she was extremely nice and said a sentence that has since been stuck in my mind - 'You always have something interesting to say!' were her words, and my smile couldn't be any bigger (which you can see in our joint photo). Her positive spirit truly translated onto what she had to say - fashion is not a positive place where creativity falls into a first place slot. If only everyone had a tiny bit of Susie's attitude when entering this industry, because believing into the positive aspects would possibly make the negative ones decrease. Just maybe...

You can read the whole 'who, what, where' of this awesome event held at the stunning Dover Street McQ store at Dazed (where you'll also find an image of me and my frenchie Ali at the event), and see a glimpse of it all through my images... ps. The pics of my outfit (naturally inspired by the eclectic style and personality of the Speaker) are following the photos from the event.
Tokyo-based Blackmeans Susie encountered in Japan
Wearing vintage Maison Martin Margiela trench coat, Iggy tapestry jacket, Gant Rugger striped turtle neck, H&M cardigan and striped trousers, Creative Recreation trainersShvorc scarf, Daniel Wellington watch and Topshop Unique bag