style brick road: Cold Tunes

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cold Tunes

It's extremely difficult to admit it (although not as difficult as I expected), but yeah... After a shorts-wearing-warm Halloween/October, now it's time for a freeze-your-brain November. I know winter time doesn't start for a month or at least two more weeks - if you're on the Winter Wonderland/London calendar. I know it's London is all about SELL SELL SELL, but I literally don't get this 2 month overture of Christmas going around. I wasn't stunner by the all-Christmas floor in Harrods/Selfridges/put in any other fancy department store, but Christmas decorations and Mariah tunes all over the place from the beginning of November? Really?

So, as a natural defier (not quite, but okay), I've been listening to some not-very holiday tunes for these past few weeks. Since I got my Spotify acoount (hooray for living in UK!!! - it's not available in Croatia), I just started to love the on-the-go, online streaming thing - with no hassle of (legally!) downloading songs and syncing devices, blah blah... My obsession is so strong that it came to a point where I take a bus instead of a tube (although it takes me three times more), just so I can listen to some music. Just to make it clear - this is not any kind of a Spotify ad, I still use the free version and get quite frustrated when a Pitbull song gets obligatory because I used all my limited skips, but I'm seriously in love with it, and for the first time considering paying a subscription for something - all those Netflix stuff have never really been available back home, so it's still kind of difficult admitting that cost of buying something you usually watched/listened to for free. Ehm.

But all my techno-musical obsessions aside, I kinda got wrapped up in the music itself - discovering some new-old artists and new-new singles, and as it's kinda currently taking over my life (while I'm in the process of creating moodboards and researching for future school projects) - sharing my current favourites playlist made sense. I don't really know if we share an audio sensibility, but an hour of more/less interesting tunes should get you to a one-day worth of googling and researching. So give it a go, cuddle into a cosy red blanket (other colours are applicable) and enjoy...