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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Just Press Play

Once again, I am remembering the words of the old-school editors saying 'London was all about bringing the elite to the underground' - both literally and figuratively speaking. And Fyodor Golan brought back a little bit of that old London to Spring/Summer 2015.

Graffitis in a semi-dark passage were the way to Waterloo Vaults, a venue filled with good energy but not with enough air (I was dripping sweat after the third look came out). For SS15 this British-based duo was inspired by the digital era and collaborated with Microsoft as a digital hero of theirs (this is their second time around) on creating a reversed pyramid in the middle of the room - projecting clouds and an instant moving image of the models walking on the runway (check the video out to get the idea). Clothes wise - the new romantics 2.0 vibe took over the entire look: neon colours joined with florals and pastels, reinventing the reinvention of the rave scene, hyper-modern textiles mixed with interesting furs. Crinoline-like silhouette really gave another dimension - throwing a bit of Marie Antoinette in the bunch, yet with the super-shoe (it looks like it has magical powers - besides looking awesome) it didn't look retro at all. It just looked like bunch of nu-rave youngsters whose parents are into classical music and going to galleries around Kensington. Like Made in Chelsea meets Skins, in TV-show language.

Whoever has been passing by this blog for quite some time now (3rd birthday coming up soon!) knows I'm a sucker for maximalism - a lot of stuff at the same place, all big, bold and out-there. That's exactly why I responded so positively to this collection that ended up with me wishing I had a penny to spare and buy myself one of their fur jackets or a holographic twinset (shown in both a male and female version, already worn by poppy diva Rita Ora). In the lack of pennies, I put together an outfit myself - taking inspiration from the textiles and silhouettes, but most importantly - the spirit of this collection which showed just how much Fyodor Podgorny & Golan Frydman know about textiles, and are not afraid to show that knowledge.

Viva la technology!
Thankies for the outfit photos go to my new UK-Cro-friend Roza Zanini
I'm wearing a Starstyling t-shirt, adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony faux fur jacket, Toywatch watch, Nike trainers, Cheap Monday jeans, Replay Vintage sunglasses and ebay hair scrunchie