style brick road: 3-Year Itch

Saturday, 25 October 2014

3-Year Itch

And then there were 3. 3 years of Style Brick Road. A place where style meets fashion. (note to self: that description has to go!)

When I opened this little online destination, I was an 18-year-old kid, not aware of the fashion industry or how it works. (Un)Fortunately, today I am 3 years older with a 3-year-old experience, and moments like ELLE Croatia and London Fashion Week under my wing. 

So, I want to take this blog-a-versary to express my gratitude for everything that has been happening in the past 36 months, and congratulate you for baring with me all those words and images. 

Yet, it somehow feels quite fake celebrating at the moment, just because my current state of mind isn’t there. AT ALL. I know it’s not birthday-appopriate but SBR has been an honest place for me from the beginning, so I want to express my feelings of the moments as well.

Moving away from your home is hard. Moving away from your country is harder. Coping with all of the challenges (that I sugar-coatedly call challenges but in fact are real-life f*ck-yous in your face) without your home to go to, without a support you have been developing for the past 21 years. It’s f*cking hard. At the moment, I am having a big ball of anxiety deep inside, from the frustration of not being able to find a job, of not being able to live on my own, for not being able to be independent. This shouldn’t be a pity party, but a birthday party, yet I somehow ended up being a Debby Downer with a big gray cloud over my head. And I know it’s just a momentary crisis that will pass soon, and how other people have greater problems – but these are mine and this is what I have to deal with.

SO. Let’s toast to the past 3 years, and for the next 33 – in this wonderful galaxy named the Internet, and a planet named Style Brick Road. This year, without a cake or champagne, because I'm in London - where there's no mommy to bake a cake, and even a children champagne costs a fortune.

+ An exciting surprise (because no bday is a bday without a surprise, even this half-depressing one)
I’m a sunglasses guy, and it’s a 3rd bday, and 3 is a perfect number – in collaboration with Giant Vintage Sunglasses, I am giving 3 sets of $30 coupons for the luckiest 3 readers of Style Brick Road. If you check out their site and you’ll see they ship worldwide and you can get quite a few pairs out of that $30 coupon.
All you need to do is follow Giant Vintage on Instagram (if you don't have it, it's free to open and click that follow button :) and like Style Brick Road on Facebook (see details below) and you’re in! ps. The giveaway is WORLDWIDE and will close on (in the spirit of numbers) 30th October!

Good luck xxx

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