style brick road: Two-faced

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


If a person ever tried to convince me of the state of happiness one could be after opening a plain old bank account, I would literally laugh-out-loud. That’s exactly what happened to me today – several unsuccessful (and quite frustrating) attempts that had been happening this past few weeks in these trying-to-get-hold-of-my-new-life moments were nothing less than a big bowl of headscratchers that simply needed to stop rolling on and on. After those couple of weeks of anxiety, the feeling of settling in finally starts to catch up. And I can’t express how nice it feels. I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch or anything – but a nice, gentle start after a big life-clog made of burocracy and papers is just what I need at the moment. A tidal wave of good energy coming (from) my way were just the boost I needed to pick up my big bum and continue my London Fashion Week Journey.

Just as the whole dual feelings of excitement and lost-ness are surrounding my current affairs, I absolutely feel inspired by the double nature of almost everything around us. As holistic as it sounds, there are two sides of every coin – and fashion designers obviously love to reference that. Juxtapositioning soft and hard, floral with black or masculine with feminine. Contrasting the two instead of blending them is something that played out perfectly in Eudon Choi’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Sullen tailoring in linens and Liberty-like florals put next to each other looked refreshingly new and enthusiastic – exactly what represents the designer’s muse for the season, artist Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Aesthetically on the other side of the room, Jean-Pierre Braganza wasn’t too distant from the two-faced theme which was apparently in brains of many creatives this season. Sexy and aggressive, his S/S 15 runway was a showcase of diverse techniques, textiles and silhouettes. Some may say too many, I say just about right. Bomber jackets with contrasting panels and a modern take on the tuxedo-pant were the highlights of this glamour-studded collection referencing the moto-industry and a new art-flick by Matthew Barney. Panel-blocking footwear definitely came in as a perfect bow to tie the whole collection together as it really had numerous elements fighting for the spotlight. In the end, no one could really accuse Jean-Pierre of underachieving – hi put his all in and created what will definitely become one of his most-memorable collections up to date. 

Appropriately enough (both regarding my life and the collection that were shown), I spent my first day of London Fashion Week in quite an ‘ambivalent’ outfit myself. Combining several opaque colour-blocking specimens from my (now tiny) closet came quite naturally and turned into quite a rock’n’roll (in my terms, at least) ensemble – with some contrasting accessories, of course. Quite suttil compared to my last-LFW outfits, but it simply felt appropriate. 
I'm wearing a customized vintage blazer, Amplified t-shirt, H&M hat, Marc by Marc Jacobs two-toned trousers (see similar t-shirt), Topshop Unique faux-fur bag, Giles & Brothers gold cuff, Replay Vintage sunglasses, Nike blaze hi-tops, Marc by Marc Jacobs socks & Daniel Wellington watch