style brick road: The Big Move

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Big Move

Photos taken in Zagreb; I'm wearing a vintage denim patchwork jacket, H&M skinny jeans, hat and t-shirt, Isabel Marant x H&M boots

I'm still thinking about how to put this together.

I moved. To London, UK. 

Is that simple enough not to sound pathetic, pretentious or just plain stupid? I'm in the middle of this whirlwind called my current life and can't quite put together anything else to say but just say it's hard, amazing and extremely intense at the moment. London Fashion Week is heavily approaching as is the beginning of my term at London College of Fashion where I'll be studying Fashion Media Production for my MA. So that's the news. 

I'm extremely sorry for not being able to be more coherent and express my feelings or just plain ignore them and move on with posting fashion-related stuff. I'll probably need a few days to compose myself and then I'll be on & running. It's hard to define the concept of this blog's future as taking photos will be kinda hard due to some personal situations, but as everything - I'm completely sure I'll be able to sort everything out. Sending you big kisses from my room in Maida Vale, London and hoping you'll stick with me through these kinda rocky times! xxx