style brick road: NewGen, NewBegin

Friday, 19 September 2014

NewGen, NewBegin

I somehow feel this summer was unsuccessful in terms of being consistent in what I was doing here on this lovely platform named Style Brick Road. At times it fell completely out of space as past 3 months were either spent traveling around or anticipating my big move. And that's what I needed to get over. The 'big' part. And realise it's just a tiny change.

London Fashion Week was probably the best way of getting over it.

And now that both LFW has ended and my school has started (the 2 day overlap of those two events were intense) and I had my fair share of reflecting upon all of that - it's time to continue in full-on mode. Symbolically - we're starting it of with something very fresh and very London. 

The first collection I saw at the Spring Summer 2015 shows was the one by Faustine Steinmetz - a Parisian-born youngster who's work has been loved by the London scene for a few seasons now, but thanks to Topshop now got to develop a full-blooded presentation. Combining her latest ready-to-wear looks (although you can take that term loosely as her aesthetic is both very conceptual and very intricate) and a capsule-exhibition simplistically explained as a branding 101 lecture. Quoting big couture houses as inspiration - Faustine decided to show how a young designer, whose name hasn't been as exposed as ones of brands like Chanel and Burberry can also present a whole concept of branding and labels. Although extremely satirical, her idea went through extremely well: bottles of water, wrapped candy, pens, deconstructed bathing suits and everyday items like security-tags - all with a purpose, and all with her named attached onto them. 'An infinite array of products' one may find with a double C, Faustine give an ironical twist and deployed the story with perfect balance of humour, art and fashion. To prove how good the idea was in practice I just want to give my own example - on the first day of school I took out my new Faustine Steinmetz pen (which any person at the presentation could take as a memorabilia) and probably 2 or 3 person asked me during the day - 'And who is that?'.

Something very pop-arty about the branding idea created a really successful setting for her clothes which were intertwined with the bowls of candy and pens, and boxes with water. Her SS15 collection utilised denim (which became her signature textile from day 1) in various ways - almost any way you can think off. It went from draping and knotting, through weaving and dying, to painting and embroidering. Deconstructed structure and concurrently simplistic yet elaborate silhouettes proved that we can only expect great things from this young talent that's already a master of artisanal techniques.