style brick road: To Sport or Not To Sport?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

To Sport or Not To Sport?

Middle-aged people get all funky just because they wasn't funky in high school. I do a similar thing - I'm right now acting all sporty-jock - just because I've never been one. Like, ever.
Yes, I did a lot of sports, tried a whole lot of them. Some stuck a bit more, some faded super-quickly. And the one I stuck on the longest, most of you wouldn't even call a sport. But it is. Acrobatic rock'n'roll is a full-blooded sport, one that's even part of the Croatian Olympic Committee. I've done quite well in that particular sport - 9 years, tens of medals & trophies, more than hundreds of national & international competitions. At one point, I even won the World Cup with my partner Ariana and we were marked first on the ranking list of my category. And no - this really isn't a bragging moment, just a 'quick' intro into the point of saying - I'm really not a sporty person. And I'll probably definitely never be one. And that's probably the reason why I'm enjoying wearing sportswear inspired clothes lately. The unfulfilled dreams and tendencies. I'm even thinking of applying for a cricket team at The University of Arts London - god, I'm desperate. You reckon I try it?

So, for all of the anti-jock guys & gals - here's a bunch of inspiring (at least to me) pics we'll never come close to look like and a few set of looks that anyone can do. Here's to those who are better in picking running shoes that running in them! 
Thrifted baseball jersey, Vešmašina Vintage jumper, thrifted 80's style shorts (find similar shorts), Asiscs gel noosa trainers, United Colors of Benetton cap (find similar cap) and a Casio gold watch (find similar watch)

Grandad's white shirt (find similar shirt), Zara shorts (find similar shorts), vintage adidas Originals jersey, Sheriff & Cherry sunglasses, ebay bandana, Nike blazer trainers, Giles & Brother bracelet and a Daniel Wellington watch (find similar watch)

Wearing New Yorker basketball jersey & top underneath, Nike Air Max Lunar 1 (thanks to Nike), adidas football shorts, Daniel Wellington watch, Kenzo cap and a Rebecca Minkoff backpack