style brick road: Socks'n'Slides

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I really feel I need excuses for this post. Not because I'm pulling a figurative middle-finger to fashion /beauty standards (I'm not, it's just how I'd like to think of myself) nor because I'm a groundbreaking misunderstood sole between the sea of people that look kinda the same (I also am not). It's for the pure reason I'm wearing socks with an open-toed shoe. A pool-slide, for that matter. If you'd tell me a year back I'd be wearing this in a year, I would passionately (only my friends and people who talked to me in person know this way of me speaking) say: Fashion comes and goes, but I'd NEVER be that faddy guy who'll be won over with a trend that's supposedly an anti-trend and most probably a fad of pretentious idiots. And scrap the probably part, I would definitely say that.
But as always, I've learned for the xxxx time never to say never

As adidas started their campaign almost a year back of getting #socksnslides back in fashion (though I'd like to believe they never really were en-vogue) I was trying to ignore to the best of my abilities - I even got a quasi-humorous t-shirt that's mocking the trend. As a Croatian who's been spending all of his summers on our Adriatic coast, the white-socks-with-sandals thing was always a product of mockery connected to Czech tourists. It was how you saw them - a whole family of sock-sandallers traveling to the seaside with a car full of cheap beer and foods they bought in their home country due to their stingy pockets. It was mostly fun in that 3rd-person kind of thing, but during my growing-up it was somewhat unthinkable of doing what they did. It was wrong in the end, was it? Next you know, 10-ish years later, I'm wandering around my house in sportswear socks and sandals around my house - probably due to the lack of self-awareness and not being very obsessed of what unimportant people would say if they saw me that way. Few of my mother's friends still make fun of me when they come to our house and disgust themselves with the appalling vision of me wearing Adilettes with socks. And that's how I became a Czech tourist as a household name.

One of the recent projects adidas launched was with a very hip crew - (stunning) fashion blogger India Rose and photographer Michael Mayren put together a whole lookbook for this #socksnslides antitrend (although I guess you can't call something anti-trend if it's emerged from a multibillion worldwide mainstream company, can you?). Including themselves and some other creative individuals like photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce, they gave this phenomenon of mixing tennis-socks with their Adilette pool-slides a new meaning, and made it very approachable to a fashion-y kind of audience. Although their pics look very brand-appropriate, I detest the (over)use of the word normcore in the promotion of it as nothing normcore would ever become a trend nor it would take your attention as it's normal and average. Anything or anyone that's describing it/her/himself as #normcore and posting that on a blog/Instagram/insert any other social media or media platform - it's truly not. It's the same with modesty - a modest person would never call him/herself modest. That just wouldn't make any sense.

Just another life episode that was kinda connected to this whole socks'n'slides story was my recent re-watching of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums. After I saw the film for the first time back in 2005 when I didn't get any of the Anderson's tendencies with that particular movies, I couldn't get myself to watch it again. It was a movie I would always loudly discuss about (from a not-fan perspective) with my friends, and it wasn't until recently when I realised I didn't even give the story a chance. I did like the Grand Budapest Hotel and the Darjeeling Limited, I though to myself. So I did give Tenenbaums a chance, and after those 110 minutes became the majority of wannabe-cool people, and - started falling in love with it. So, just as a tiny hommage and a (very irrelevant) apology to Wes Anderson and all of my friends who loved this movie, I pushed a bit of Richie Tenenbaum into this whole story as his aesthetic just felt appropriate with the sporty, tennis feel of the theme. I bet Richie would be rocking the Socks'n'Slides if he went to the seaside.
Images taken from Huh. mag
Wearing adidas Originals Adilette pool-slides, Nike socks, H&M shorts, Zara tee, my mums parka from the 80's (I guess it's vintage), Giant Vintage sunnies, American Apparel headband, and Daniel Wellington watch