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Friday, 22 August 2014

Dreaming Extreme

Pyjamas seemed as quite an appropriate attire for this post - after what one would call my final summer holiday and I'd probably call my summer hibernation. After oh so symbolically - it feels kinda tough getting out of my jammies after 2 weeks of 'sleeping'. That's probably why I'm not doing it just yet. A week of camping in Budapest (YAY for everyone who were at Sziget Festival!!) and getting quite annoyingly sick in the summer (just because it's so very mainstream to catch a cold in the winter) it was quite a process making myself open and start writing. Mostly annoying to myself, I honestly haven't been feeling it for the past few weeks and I'm quite sure it shows. I've got only 2 more weeks in Croatia and then it all goes up in the air and to the west! My new beginning is just around the corner and mentioning this in all of my recent-ish post must have been annoying - but it really helps me get over it.

A different, fashion new beginning was brought up to high-profile in June - when the Italian underwear magnate La Perla re-launched their menswear line and showed the very high-fashion collection during Spring/Summer 2015 Pitti Uomo menswear shows in Florence (and later through their lookbook featuring the stunning Alex Cunha). After a hiatus of luxe menswear underwear & PJs on the runways, it was quite refreshingly seeing a somewhat hybrid of men's lingerie couture. Pyjamas took places of tuxedos and robes came in place of coats - it all seemed like a giant fashion mish-mash but it all worked on the runway - and most definitely works outside of it. Taking the inspiration from the world under the water, Emiliano Rinaldi, the new creative director of the brand,  showed a completely new aesthetic of pyjamas being quite appropriate and definitely luxurious enough for a midnight soirée in a restaurant. Very reminiscent of 20's - when cocktail pyjamas and pyjama parties were a real thing. God, how I'd pay to go back to that time.

However, the PJ look was quite present in the womenswear department for quite some time now - back in the first half of the 20th century, Claudette Colbert became responsible of putting the spotlight on fabulous night uniform in the 1934 hit-comedy It Happened One Night, playing a role of a posh heiress opposite Clark Gable. It would be quite ridiculous not consider her wearing a pair of men's PJs groundbreaking - even before Katherine Hepburn wore pants. Her look became so recognisable she wore a red pair on her 1945 then-blockbuster 'Guest Wife'. I'd call that a very immaculately done signature-look.
And while talking about signature looks, night twinset has become one for one contemporary creative genius - Marc Jacobs. This American designers gave brilliant looks donning pyjamas both in his designs and his own looks - with his darling Sofia Coppola at the 2013 Met Gala & taking a bow after his fabulous shows. That's a showman with a sense of humour and it's not hard to tell.

My own take on the theme (oh how I'm dying for being invited to the Met gala or even just any kind of themed costume fashion party - literally ANY) was taken both literally and in metaphor from my recent affairs - clothes I've been wearing all the time like my Zara pants and stuff I'm yet to wear like the H&M cardigan. PJs have always been that way for me - something new and something worn out. That's just how it goes in life. PS. It's cold so forgive the warm and comfy socks.
Runway & backstage photos from Garconjon & Nowfashion
H&M cardigan, vintage pyjama top, Zara floral trousers, Sherriff & Cherry sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs wool socks, InstyleX brogues, Daniel Wellington watch, Etoile de Mer wool bracelet