style brick road: An Old Face With a New Case

Sunday, 6 July 2014

An Old Face With a New Case

This is that awkward moment when I come back after a 2-and-a-something week hiatus, and don't know where, when or how to start. I had a few moments of weakness (or power - it depends how you think of it) when I got a need to go and write something for you guys to read, opened and my mind went completely - blank. I would like to think I needed these few weeks off, just to take care of something a bit more personal like finally realising that in 2 months - I'll be living thousands of miles away from my family, friends, or just simply said - home. Facing the blog was like facing my reality, and although it was hard at moments - I finally faced it as a big boy and said to myself - change is good, change is what you wanted. Probably too spiritual and a bit pretentious for my own taste, but a truth it is indeed.

So, I always state it's important to find a reason to do something, and my mini comeback was pushed by my collaboration with Roses Fashion Outlet, a magical place I've already talked about a month or so back... Once again, I had a task of styling 5 looks for myself, but this time - it was meant to be from the summer collections. Just to shake things up, I decided to take one particular item to style in each outfit, to give it a funky edge. The item of choice was an elegant Antony Morato printed button-up, interpreted in a colourful story of toys, childhood and combining elegance with sports. Just what everyone needs during the summer!

ps. Just click here to see all of the prices of the items and where to find them! 
Blazer and shorts by Dsquared2, shirt by Antony Morato, trainers by adidas Originals, straw hat by Marlboro Classics, belt by Tommy Hilfiger, sunglasses by Guccy, and my own Zara bow-tie
Basketball jersey and basket ball by adidas, denim shorts by Tom Tailor, shirt by Antony Morato, and shoes by Dsquared 
T-shirt by Tom Tailor, shorts by Iceberg, hi-tops by Supra, shirt by Antony Morato and baseball cap by Benetton
Basketball shorts by adidas, shirt (around the waist), trainers by Reebok, polo shirt by Antony Morato, and bag Benetton, and sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry for Ghetaldus
Dark blue jeans by Boss Orange, sunglasses by Ray Ban, bag by adidas Originals, shirt by Antony Morato, and espadrilles by Creative Recreation