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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Perfect Match

Each summer, just days before I go to the sea side (ps. sending kisses from Split, Croatia), I get into arranging old photo albums and numerous boxes of family/childhood photos. And each summer, I discover something new - how my parents were all kinds of stylish, how my grandma and grandpa had the most beautiful countryside wedding ever, how my sister was (and still is!) the cutest girl in her class. As this last year was probably the most intense in the fashion department for me yet, it was easily predictable I'll re-discover a point of my childhood personal 'style' (how highly I speak of my random childrenswear).

And yep, it did happen. While flipping through the piles of images, I realized how much I wore (and loved) twinsets, and judging by one of my 2014 obsessions - the love wasn't stuck in the 90's. Most of them were WGW - a made-in-Croatia brand that was a major hit in the 90's and the beginning of 00's, years before high-street-brands hit the Croatian retail market and made everyone love them primarily for their cheap prices that none of the Country-of-Origin friendly brands could match. WGW is still pretty iconic out here, and I'm seriously rooting for them to re-launch or re-brand their own production (like they did few years back with WGW Gando - a project that later grew into Iggy store) n into something new that could compete really high on today's market. It was a synonym for good-quality, fun fashion and in the end - a brand that had a strong influence on the style of most sub-cultures of those days. Twinsets were a big part of that time's childrenswear, and as my mom had a big love for matching clothes I was bound to wear them. Although there's a big love for mismatched outfits coming from me, there's always that amazing print or a stunning colour that could make me go monochromatic and wear a twinset. It's fun in that childhood-friendly kind of way - reminiscing on memories and trends from the past. My past.

After indulging into a bit of narcissistic action of self-imagery and rewinding, I skipped onto something a bit more recent - the Spring/Summer 2015 collections shown a few months back I have already watched and reviewed in the spaces of my own imaginary Macbook cubicle at home, but are yet to be publicly shared at SBR. I am yet to open up about my absolute favourites for the season, but a collection that came pretty high on my love-list (absolutely imaginary, definitely NOT real) was the Christopher Shannon's 90's showdown, when most of the boys conveniently walked out in matching twinsets that would be equally fabulous in a children's and men's size. The collection's inspiration primarily derives from a 1995 series of photographs named In My Room: Teenagers in their bedrooms by an American artist named Adrienne Salinger, and that very teen-sitcom feel that's easily relatable to a tumblr aesthetic that's become some kind of a mainstream, but anti-normcore movement. The clothes were very literal in their collage-y inspiration, but can easily relate to their customer. I'd personally wear them - some as they are, and some split-up and worn with other uni-coloured pieces, and that approachable aura surrounding the collection is making me cross my fingers for this collection to become a commercial success, something that isn't too foreign for Shannon. The elaborate love of colour is something we both share, and that's probably one of the reasons I naturally fall in love with his collections in total, and in twinsets - a colour scheme is everything!

In my own 2014 outfits, I tried to combine both my childhood simplistic twinsets with the Christopher Shannon point of view, spontaneously picking up the boots and tying my hair in a tiny topknot. It's a 90's meet the androgyny of the 70's, and a bit of a boy meets man turn-point in adolescence. It made sense in my head - I hope it translates into yours too.
Runway & Backstage photos by Essential Homme Mag, Hero & Dazed Digital
Images from the In My Room: Teenagers in their bedrooms series by Adrienne Salinger
Wearing a custom-made SOEL by Sonja Lamut twinset, H&M visor, tee and necklace, Daniel Wellington watch and Giant Vintage sunglasses
Wearing H&M twinset, tank top and necklace, Casio watch, Zara studded oxfords and Giant Vintage sunglasses

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