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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

With a Little Help...

Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian floods are mostly over, most of the help-lines are closed and it's seems how after all the benefit concerts for the victims of the floods - it's all okay now. Mainstream media have other interests, and #*fill in with one of the endangered Countries*floods is very passé. I would never want to sound pathetic or preach-y, but would just want to state the obvious - those people's need for help isn't over.

So, straying away from naked footballers and crime-driven politicians, one particular project feels very appropriate at this particular moment. FASHION.HR Style Community, one of the most powerful Croatian online fashion destinations, teamed up with the amazingly creative croatian duo behind the name Robert Sever - Branko Basletić and Robert Sever himself, to create something truly unique. What first started as a graphic solution for the new design of the FASHION.HR page (with my great friend Ana Bacinger as the newly addressed editor-in-chief :D), ended up in a philantropic project to help the ones in need. While Robert designed the female eyes, Branko created the (gentle)man version of the design, and they put in their efforts with Roba who made the final product. The t-shirts are available in 4 designs - 3 in women's sizes, and 1 in men's size, and you can buy them both on and offline. Thanks to the concept stores Iggy from Zagreb and Krug from Split, and the online destination of Vešmašina for offering the free retail space, all profits from the sales will proceed towards the accounts of the people in Slavonija who are currently in recontruction mode - of both their homes and their lives.

Although the prime idea of creating a capsule collection of t-shirts was strictly for promotional purpose, I find the joint collaboration of all these very reassuring on the note that fashion people can do things bona fide, for a purpose they believe in. Non of those gala-spends-tens-of-thousands-on-getting-ready-and-donates-half-of-that-nonsense. This is what I call true and human use of creative ideas. So go on and buy a t-shirt if you can - 149kn won't hurt your account, you'll have an it-piece for this summer, and most importantly - you WILL help the ones who need the help. 

ps. Just to be clear - this is no kind of a promotional post, I truly believe in this cause and was personally driven to create this post.

Wearing my X Robert Sever t-shirt with Asos jeans, H&M espadrilles, Giant Vintage sunglasses and Daniel Wellington watch