style brick road: Furr-off

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Although I love featuring international designers on SBR, it's a special kind of satisfaction when I get to talk proudly about Croatian fashion.

Kralj&Krajina are a young student duo consisting of Mirjam  Kralj & Ana-Marija Krajina, who are just finishing their 2nd BA year of Fashion design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. These young girls won at the last year's Dreft Next Generation contest for up-and-coming fashion designers, and got a chance to show 3 collections on Dreft Fashion Week. I wasn't the biggest fan of their first one, as I found it at places too inspired to show their true unique and fresh visions which I expressed quite loudly on Facebook, but hey - I never was a silent kind of person, and in the end - I always let people get a second chance in my book and prove me wrong. And boy, they did.

For their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection they joined forces with Trendcy (a young-designer online retailer I talked 'bout here) and created a solid story with with beautiful clothes, and most importantly - a collection with a beginning and an end. Stating that they are 'staying true to their minimalistic vision is saying little in this today's spirit of minimalistic everything, but as they describe their inspirations, the number really add up nicely. Both feminine and masculines parts of the 60's silhouette interpreted in a mixture of both simple and luxe materials give you an instant reaction of interest. The wools and the casmheres go so well together with the almost retro cotton turtleneck that's so simple it gets your attention. 
But aside their 60's obsession, I fell in love with the showiest piece of them all - the furry dress. As almost a second dimension of the collection, they opened the show with an A-line (very 60's silhouette) dress made out of faux fur and a faux-leather harness-type straps on top. It was referring to the military part of the inspiration and fell into the story really well, but it really stole the show - in the best way possible. 
They also combined the 3 faux-fur backpacks - a double harness, a one-strap harness and a no-harness one, which added a bit of texture to the more simplistic looks. In the end - the only thing I could think of were those amazing backpacks, and thanks to the girls and Trendcy I got them. Or at least I got the runway samples to try out and take photos. I wore it in a spring combo - with all of my pastels and those beige pants I don't wear so often, but I felt they really gave the whole outfit a Kralj&Krajina kind of vibe.As I said, they are samples as their technology of production isn't completely though out - but I can't wait to see how they think them through and create a functional product based on this fun design that reminds me of those late 90's school backpacks.
For the future, I wish they push the boundaries even more and create more of these kind of show-stopping pieces that aren't necessarily on trend - they are still very young and don't have that retail side of pressure, so a more adventurous spirit will be very welcome.

ps. Thanks to Trendcy for the runway and backstage pics 
Kralj&Krajina furry backpack worn with a Pull&Bear light denim jacket, H&M t-shirt and chinos, Kenzo baseball cap, vintage Seiko watch, Giant Vintage sunglasses and Borovo Startas sneakers