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Sunday, 4 May 2014

No Scrubs

Ahh, the 90's... 
I was at a birthday party 2 days ago, at my good friend's place, and soon after midnight I took over the control of the Mac that was serving as a DJ console for the night. After listening to the übercool hipster music the majority of the night, I was up for something happy which means I had the honour to force people into listening the beats of Spice Girls, TLC & Gabrielle. After the first eeeews and awwwws they started to jam to the music of our childhood and soon they even smiled and laughed. It made them (and me) happy.

The same feeling I get after seeing each Nasir Mazhar's work, a born Londoner of Turkish descent whose powerful collections embody the spirits of the 90's, often citing TLC as one of his major influences.  It's that edgy streetwear spirit, interpreted into the modern-day avantgarde garments that make you feel sports-ready. As if Fresh Prince became a fashion-forward style blogger - I bet he'd be all covered up in Nasir Mazhar. That non-apologetic attitude is somewhat of a stamp of the 90's - the artists that aren't sorry for doing cheesy, expected yet crazy stuff - both in music and in fashion.

The same fearless 'it just doesn't go' mindset of putting together an outfit that doesn't make an obvious sense is something I love to portray with my own outfits, yet somehow really succeed in that. My itsy-bitsy OCD need of matching the colours in the t-shirt with the colour of the socks and the cap is probably the result of my childhood dressing rules - if I couldn't think of at least 3 other items I can match that shirt in the store I wanted so badly, we simply wouldn't get ti. Practicality or OCD? You be the judge of that. But today, when I think of myself as an at least partly-grown man, the fact I can play with my clothes in a way that's not always logical (baggy on top, baggy on the bottom - OMGWTFSTFU) makes me self-satisfied. It's that rebel in my that just feels good while defying (or at least thinking to himself that is defying, but in reality isn't) the rules and the norms of the majority, and to be honest - if it isn't hurting someone, why not?
Backstage photos from Nasir Mazhar's A/W 2014 fashion show, courtesy of i-D Online
Wearing a vintage baseball jersey, YourEyesLie t-shirt, Primark dad jeans, Benetton cap, Giant Vintage sunglasses InStyleX flatform oxfords, Rebecca Minkoff neon yellow backpack, Daniel Wellington watch