style brick road: Lemon Slicker

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lemon Slicker

It sometimes takes me a while to get around the idea of what I want to write about next. Although it mostly comes quite organically as I get inspired by something particular, when saturated with quite generic ideas and ways of thinking (thanks exams, essays and presentations!) it can go either way in the sense of creativity - you either go nuts and colour outside the lines or you just go all simple and just draw a circle, a line within a line. This time around it's like the latter. After boggling about what I wanted to write next and not getting the slightest idea, it just came to me in a logic way.

Going the simple route takes me on a completely different joyride - it takes more out of me to create a story that's quite simple, same thing goes for both fashion or real, written stories. Taking out a yellow raincoat out of my utilitarian part of wardrobe (that consitss of a raincoat, parka, puffer jacket and the simplest black blazer) I got as one of the most original birthday gifts from my friend Ana (long story short: we were walking back from a NYE party sometimes early morning, passing a fishing/workman uniform store and I - going from drunk to hungover - was craving over a - no, this - yellow raincoat; 3 months later, I got it all wrapped up with ribbons and all). Seeing it in my closet and taking it out for a walk made me remember one of the first movies I bought on a DVD - Singin' in the rain with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds. Seeing it for the first time, and falling in love with the song 'Good morning' was one of my first musical moments I remember. After Grease and Dirty Dancing, this was a completely new view upon music-related movies. It was a sophisticated way of dancing, and their matching yellow raincoats that made me want to sing in the rain (and convinced me to wear them). Ironically - when dancin' in the rain, one does not need a rain coat at all - Gene Kelly showed that loud and clear.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 (geez, in less then a month, the new collections will be shown) menswear collections mostly ignored the fact that it's also an autumn collection, but 2 shows that definitely gave the rainy days a chance were Christopher Raeburn and Kenzo. While the young British designer gave a completely classic silhouette whilst giving a manly man something to wear if raining, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim had a bit of a different take. Interpreted in modern materials, their vision of a raincoat is a metalised knitted cardigan and neoprene neon peacoats - just because yellow raincoats are not something cool Kenzo people would wear.
For the womenswear, it was the (as always) amazing Miu Miu A/W 2014 that gave the gals a little something for the wet (and I mean rainy wet) days - it was a complete 360 from the mens. The raincoats are translucent, but never delicate - some kind of a candy-coloured armour that appeals to different people. Although not always a fan of Miu Miu's choice on the red carpet, the shows always look immaculate - probably due to the fact that Miuccia Prada always chooses the right girls for the runways.

After all, please do remember, these photos were taken on Saturday, when none of the catastrophic floods here in my country Croatia and our neighbouring countries Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. I must use this platform and remind everyone to help the people in need. I'm sure you already did, and that a fashion blog is the last place you want to get reminded to do so, but as a human being I must call upon your good will - please do help by either donating or giving away needed supplies, you can get all of the information here. Although some may throw upon my theme connecting to the naturals disasters happening right now, but I think of it as giving credit and paying hommage to the ones that are less lucky. Hold on! 

1. Battenwear Packable Anorak, 2. Stutterheim Stockholm Gul Raincoat & 3. Adidas by Tom Dixon Ultralight Jacket

Gifted yellow raincoat from a utility shop, Benetton turtleneck, Asos jeans, Doc Martens brogues, Topman wired necklace & Daniel Wellington striped watch

ps. I'm not balding, I'm just growing the hair out and trying to handle it as smoothly as possible while doing so - but it sure ain't easy!