style brick road: Tendencies

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


It's always funny how designers either proudly distinguish their inspirational point or they intensely refuse to distinguish it and they state it's all about their vision. Both 'types' can create stunning collections, but as a sucker for stories and as a person that always defines references to each and every fashion move I make, I'm privately more keen on the latter.

Marija Kulušić has been a favourite of mine from the moment I first saw her capsule collection for a contest, just about a year or so ago (in the end, she split the win with the equally-amazing designer Silvio Ivkić)... It was clean, white and architectural and without knowing anything about her nor the background of the collection, I was feeling the vibe. I soon got a chance to talk to her and learnt her architectural vision of fashion came from the idea of Bauhaus school of art and its clean modernistic vision. The garments felt quite simple and white, but when you stared at it for more than a moment - it made completely sense - details were everything...

After last season, and her first full collection it was clear she had something real going on - her focus switched onto the Gothic architecture and its lines and sharp movements, and that Spring/Summer 2014 series of looks truly defined her client - a fashionable artsy woman who loves architecture and fashion, and loves to combine the two in every point of her life.

But if the last collection made me love both Marija and her style, the newest one was the cherry on top. The third architectural direction she took was a truly unique one - EXAT 51 and the New Tendencies movement in Croatian - especially the work of Vjenceslav Richter, Croatian artist & architect... It was all there, and although this inspiration was a complete opposite from the other two, it was still her own aesthetic - a mix of womanly and androgynous, trendy and classical... Her own personal tendencies were also a point she made when describing me her point of view for Autumn/Winter 2014 - 'it's where I am, and where I want to go'. One of the most inspiring things about her work is that lady Kulušić does each and every part of the process of designing a collection completely on her own - from sketching through pattern-making to sewing... And that honesty is something no one can fake - no feathers nor sequins can win over a unique vision interpreted from the bottom of ones heart. Because that's what fashion design is all about...
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