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Monday, 14 April 2014


It's a unique kind of feeling, the one you have after having a hectic week (not complaining - some wonderful moments happened to be a great deal of it) and it's that Sunday night when everything needs to be done. And of course it isn't. And of course it won't be - because there aren't enough hours and minutes. So, at this very moment I'm having that panick-y feeling, and what do I go to do - write something up on the blog, just because the guilt of not sharing anything for days and days is a bit bigger than the guilt I have due to not finishing my work. I know, I'm SUCH an altruist...

But as I had this set of photos set for SBR for almost a week now, I've been thinking of the right way of presenting that's close to my heart in a way that not many things are. I still remember a tapestry couch in my late grandfather's old apartment which I recall as being one of my favourite things to sit at, and still is one of my greatest childhood memories I relate to him. Translated into my world of today, which I would like to believe is fashion, I'm kinda screeching over the Autumn/Winter 2014 Paul Smith menswear collection which was shown in January during the London menswear shows. Inspired by rock idols like Jim Morrison, Mr Smith created a unique interpretation of this amazing material and sent so many pieces of outerwear I'm seriously eyeing. I know it's a luxury brand, but the parka-like jacket is something I would wear, and wear, and wear... Womenswear equivalent of the Paul Smith is the major Italian fashion house of Valentino, where Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierre Paolo Piccioli keep showing consistant, romantic garments that are both dreamy and wearable in the same time. Their glamourous story for AW14 kept their essence, but threw in the tapestry textile which added a new dimension to their romanticist approach to a woman's body. 

As I was researching my fat arse off about tapestry in fashion and art, I discovered a really inspiring story - the one of Chuck Close. He's an American artist that paints and photographs, but also creates tapestries - all in the domain of hyper-realism. And although I'm not always a fan of recreating reality in arts (because I believe art is not reality, it's a way of translating one's unique vision of the reality to the world), his story really made me think twice about that thought. Although heavily paralyzed, Close has continued to create his work, and maybe even proved that his realistic vision is the right one. It's really inspiring as a story, but also as artwork - because who wouldn't like to have Kate Moss or Brad Pitt tapestries the artist creates in collaboration with an artwork Magnolia Studios. I know I would.

It's quite convenient that one of my best 21st gifts also includes a tapestry textile - it's thank to my dear friend Igrajna who custom-made my jacket out of little-people-printed material I now call my multi-national jacket. She mostly uses the material for womenswear coats and skirts so I was very very pleased when I got my one-of-a-kind jacket! Ps. I'm planning on proposing this jacket as the official United Nations uniform... Wouldn't that be quite dashing? :3

Paul Smith's AW14 vision - including rockstars and gobelins
The house of Valentino embraced their womanity and mixed lace with brocade to create unique textiles
Recreating contemporary, simplified pieced out of elaborated materials is what Marie Turnor is all about, and happy me - tapestry was one of her choices, you can find all deets on this beautiful wrap-clutch HERE (link)
Who wouldn't die for this shoes? Whether it's thew Doc Martens brogue or the Carven slipper - it would perfectly round up my tapestry obsession.
Wearing Iggy multi-national tapestry jacket, Zara cap, vintage silk shirt, Marina Marinski brooch, Reclaimed Vintage fanny pack, H&M trousers, Minelli shoes