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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Silky, Smooth, Sonja - Lamut

Although I'm always the first to say Croatian fashion scene isn't creative nor something to brag about, each season there are few moments that make me feel extremely happy and proud of being a Croat. It's not my work, and I really didn't have my fingers in it - but it feels great when your favourite collections come from people you personally love or admire. For this season, those were Ana Maria Ricov, Marija Kulušić, Robert Sever, Teo Perić for MAK, Manuel Maligec and Sonja Lamut. Some are friends, some are just connaisseurs - but they're all amazing an creative people. 

Sonja is one I've been attached to for the longest time now. She's been one of my first interviews for the blog, I've been part of her team for her S/S 2013 collection, and was raving about her last A/W show. She's also a big part of my closet, as her pieces are probably take the most of my designer clothes - a suit, shirt, shorts, beanie, etc. It's the aesthetic I love, the thought behind each look and the endless function-factor - almost everything is two sided, you can wear different ways, attach and detach... And above all that - the fact Sonja's a lovely person who I can truly call a friend. But beware - none of my opinions are based on that personal fact, as a journalist in the making I tend to think individually, and at least strive to objectivity. Of course that's impossible - but friendships are based on honesty, so I could never lie to my friend.

Sonja's latest work was something of a runway story - her 16 looks were based on a relationship, where she offered her SOEL girl an outfit for each occasion - from the first date to the wedding. It starts of in a fun, exuberant and joyful way - the baggy silhouettes produce a sense of humour, while unexpected ruffles, bows and appliqué give you a kind of girliness Sonja's aesthetic is known for. Her textiles are (as always) immaculately chosen and (mis)matched - florals go with stripes, metallics match to matte light twills - and dresses go on top of dresses. I say YAY! It was that particular moment of layering transparent dresses onto neutral undergarments - a point of excitement and big gasp came from my seat. Those particular details are something that always get me even more excited when I see the collection up close, in the flesh - there's only so much you can see from afar, but a touch for details and perfection is definitely hers. Sonja's woman is never there to please a guy, it's that kind of fashion that's here to make the woman happy, elegant and secure in her own body. But that doesn't mean you can't be sexy in SOEL - ooooh no, showing of a midriff or uncovering a medallion of skin - it's those details that present this collection as my favourite SOEL collection up to date. That creamy and dreamy feel at the end, when the girl walked as a bunch in her défilé - it was etherial, but in the most earth of ways. I know I sound nuts - but mixed with the faux fog and them parading in those cream-coloured ruffles, it looked like the most beautiful of dreams. Just saying - you should have been there to see it.

I got a great chance to be one of the first to see and feel (!!) the collection up close - and I even got a chance to try some of the baggier pieces (aka ones that could fit me). You'll soon be able to find these runway pieces in Split's ID concept store (link), so if you're somewhere near - do go and check it out! :)
Runway images by Mateja Vrckovic for
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it! xx