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Monday, 7 April 2014

Running couture

Shoe-shopping has been a love of mine from the earliest age. I still remember how each time my parents bought me a pair, the one-digit-aged myself HAD to put them on instantly, and I mean in-the-shop instantly. They (my mum especially) always felt embarrassed - just because she didn't want for the whole act of shoe-shopping to become a thing of necessity but a... Or she just wanted to test my patience. Whatever it was, from time to time I got a chance to put them right away, and that is one of the feelings of childhood I probably couldn't recreate today. But my love for shoes remained.

2 weeks ago, when I was in Paris - I spent few hours meaninglessly (or is the pure pleasure of seeing luxury around you a legitimate meaning?) browsing around Lafayette, and right between Kenzo and Carven - there was a rack of floral clothing, which I later found out was by Ami Paris. My eyes fell out and I had to try on something... The instant feel of attachment came when I encountered a beautiful short-sleeved button-up in a tropical floral that had me imagining a hot summer day, a round pair of sunglasses on and a something cold to drink in my hand. It fit me like a glove, and I was right away running to the cashier - I knew I had to have it... BUT, as I was running I conveniently ran to a pair of running shoes. And it felt like liking a girl with already having a girlfriend - was I supposed to switch or?! In the end I did, and I ended up with another pair of trainers. YAY for me!
That Ami short-sleeved button-up I cheated on...
But after buying my first pair designer running footwear, I thought to myself - do fashion designers beat specialised running brands like adidas or Nike?! Or put it this way - does fashion beat technology?

Chanel did it, Rachel Zoe did it, Paul Smith & Margiela did it too. I always had some kind of respect for sportswear brand, and I tended to buy running shoes from such stores - my feelings toward fashion sportswear was iffy: performance-wear is Nike's core business, Chanel does it just en mode... Apparently - that magical feeling of falling in love with a pair of shoes translated into my love for sporstwear. (Geez, so much love around my closet.) Impulsive shopping definitely works into the way of spending quite large amounts of money on 'running couture' as one could put it. Or is that just me?!

Kaiser Karl firstly played the 'running couture' story for Chanel's SS14 Haute Couture, then made it ready to wear in his RTW Chanel supermarket for AW14. PS The Couture ones are only available if you firstly buy a matching outfit, after what you can choose if you want to pay few more thousands of Euros for a pair of glittery fabulous trainers.

Sportswear's answer to Fashion-with-a-capital-F running shoes - Puma x Paloma faith, available in stores - you can find my favourites (from top to bottom): 1. Puma x Solange Girls of Blaze Disc Rainbow (link), 2. Puma x Solange Girls of Blaze Disc Tire (link)

High-fashion footwear?! There's plenty of choices, as this top 6 are (or would be) my true loves (from top to bottom): 1. MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Jogging Sneake (link), 2. Rachel Zoe Jeni Jogging Sneakers (link), 3. Paul Smith Jeans Aesop Sneakers (link), 4. Ash Hendrix Sneakers (link) & 5. Opening Ceremony Arrow Sneakers (link)

PS. There was a time when I swore I would NEVER wear sweatpants on my blog - but rules are meant to be broken, right?
Diesel sweatpants, H&M faux leather moto vest, 'London' baseball cap bought in Camden, Topshop long denim shirt, Ami by Alexandre Mattiussi trainers, Casio watch & Giant Vintage sunglasses