style brick road: Lindbergh-mania?!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


If you're reading any kind of Croatian or regional fashion media, you're (too) well aware of the current it place in Zagreb so I'm a bit hesitant in talking about the 'talk of the town, but I've got a really good story - so listen up!

It has never been even imaginable in my Croatian little mind that I would ever get a chance to meet one of the  gods of fashion photography, let alone get a group tour of his exhibition and a chance to ask him anything I wanted. And everything in my little hometown of Zagreb. Meeting Peter Lindbergh and his latest exhibitions in Zagreb’s HDLU (Croatian Association of artists) space was probably the best fashion-related experience I’ve had in my short 21-years-old life.

The month-long exhibition is presented in 2 separated exhibitions – ‘Images of Women’ and ‘The Unknown’ which are detached like two completely different points of Lindbergh’s artistry – first is B&W, his emotional approach to women through his soft and gentle lens while the other is in technicolor and defines Peter and his work in the new millennium. It’s about Martians attacking the land – a literally SF approach that’s a bit more indecisive than the first part, but not less interesting.

My point is not to talk you through the exhibition – you should either really go and see it or just google it through – because there’s many of media that did just so. I want to translate the feeling of his work, feeling kinda detained (in the best way possible) in that amazing circular space of HDLU. Even the artist himself said the space is what made him happy, with a spheral shape that gives you an emotion of continuation, as that is what he wants to show with his work. 

Thanks to the amazing organising arrangements and management by the great PRiredba agency, everyone got a chance to ask absolutely anything – and I (as a big geek) naturally grabbed the time and asked him a few questions. The most banal one was the one I didn’t expect him to answer, yet he (of course!) did – he told me his 3 muses were Linda Evangelista due to their great connection, Kristen McMennamy due to her amazing knowledge of modelling (he said one can put her in front of a white wall and she will do magic) and Christy Turlington which he mentioned isn’t very creative but is one of the most beautiful women out there. He later said he doesn’t like (in fact he used the term hate) celebrities and the phenomena of celebrity covers, but as we passed a Mila Jovovich shot of his – he said ‘Oh, yes – I adore her, she’s amazing’. The last question I asked him was about the difference between his colour and B&W photography, after which I got a pretty elaborative answer – he mostly highlighted the difference of him maturing, accepting technology and the new trends, but still defined the black and white photography as more honest and true, referring to pioneers like Dorothea Lange (whose work I personally adore).

The third part of the exhibition is a multimedia art piece that’s done in collaboration with his son Benjamin who did the sound for his abstract video inspired by the architecture of the sole building where the exhibition is held. Once again – a new side of Lindbergh I haven’t previously encountered.

It’s needless to say yet I still have an urge to repeat that to everyone and myself - Mr Lindbergh is unimaginably down to earth, ready to give answers to every question you and I have, patiently explaining his inspirations or defining the moments or stories behind a photograph. At the age of 70 he’s full of enthusiasm, but in an appropriate and mature kind of way – he’s not fascinated by fashion itself, on the contrary – he kind loathes the pretensions of fashion today or in general. When he said ‘I love a pair of Comme des Garçons trousers, but I would never wear them’ I was convinced – he knew fashion, understood it yet never gave it a chance to wow him. That’s something I took as a life inspiration for myself – to conquer it, you need to make it real and tangible. Thank you Mr Lindbergh – from now on, I’ll aspire to do so.
Lindbergh made a remark about this photograph being the first narrative piece of fashion photography from Vogue USA, in 1990
Maison Martin Margiela trench coat, H&M jeans, Zara scarf, Marni x H&M cashmere jumper, Doc Martens shoes
Thanks to Jure Perisic for my shot with mister Lindbergh himself.
Special thanks to PRiredba for organising this amazing event!