style brick road: Deconstructed America

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Deconstructed America

It's sometimes truly enough to see a set of photos to create a story of its own.

As I was having my daily fashion catch-up, I visited my probably favourite online destination for menswear news - Highsnobiety where I was happy to find out their amazing new editorial exclusively featuring Juun.J's (whose work I already wishlisted here) current collection. And although it was an editorial one could call promotional, I absolutely fell in love with both the images and clothes. 
It didn't took a second to understand the approach of both the editorial staff and the designer himself - the idea of deconstructing sportswear uniforms and silhouettes into modern-day, futuristic elegant Varsity-inspired garments.
Some may say the collection is old news, as it was shown last summer, but I call it a contemporary vision of menswear - playing the line of androgyny with extremely classical features inside the idea of male shapes. It's a story of a American high-schooler growing up into a real man, fashion-forward and both history and future-obsessed. The layers of a infinitely light and easy collection is making me truly want to know more, and in the end - understand the vision.

The editorial for Highsnobiety interpreted the clothes in an appropriate yet slightly different way - I get an understanding of a younger boy trying to grow up out of his clothes, yet unsuccessfully winning over the oversized and undersized silhouettes. While the shorts are quite short, the baggy tops are baggy - it's something of a extremization of forms that makes you feel both uncomfortable and uneasy as a viewer, but at second sight - it truly makes sense.

Juun.J is all about balance and I find that fact essential for the 21st century commerce-obsessed wardrobe - and if I had a nicer paycheck/allowance, I'd instantly get me one of his oversized button-ups, a boxy mid-sleeved top and a pair of his double-hipline trousers. But for the skinny-leg guys or nice-legged girls - the shorts are a must!! Unfortunately - I'm stuck with occasional designer sale buys and high-street brands, but if you've got some $$$$$ to yourself, you'll be able to find these amazing clothes at Farfetch, Ssense and Opening Ceremony.
Photos from Highsnobiety, Dazed Digital & Fashionisto