style brick road: Shake it like a pom-pom! (DIY)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shake it like a pom-pom! (DIY)

Somewhere between my fascination with 3D moments of Mary Katrantzou and Ana's Christmas gift, I got this idea to create a permanent solution where these fabulous pom-poms get their own leading role. Unfortunately, the place where Ana got my gift didn't have more of these magnetic bobbles, so I had to think of something else. A quick trip to ebay, and I finally got the cheapest solution - elastic hair bands with faux-fur bobbles. 12 of these were soon in my online cart, and the only I had to do was to wait.

In the mean time, I pulled out some of my old(er) inspirations that already had me wanting to make this kind of project, yet I somehow never did. My long-time-buried Vogue UK from October 2009 had this amazing piece where a number of well-known designers shared their DIY ideas on improving basic pieces - and somewhere between Meadham Kirchoff and Roksanda Ilincic there was this colourful & bold idea on improving a basic hoodie with a bunch of knitted pom-poms. Almost non-aware of this piece, I just got everything to do my own project when my mom made me tidy up my room from scratch - I just somehow had to open this particular issue and browse through the magazine. Some may say it's crazy, I say it's karma.

But way before this moment, probably 2 years ago - I had this fixation with the fabulous Russian ladies, making Vika Gazinskaya one of them. I still remember googling her for the first time, and having my eyes fall out of my head due to her stunning beauty and very quirky-chic fashion sense. Probably 5 minutes from that particular point, I had this picture of her in a simple yet fun gray sweatshirt with green appliqué on my wallpaper. Now that Gazinskaya is shortlisted for the huge LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize, I found it quite appropriate to connect her with my inspiration for this DIY.
So to try and prevent this one from being a marathon of a post, I'll start with the basics. Remember - you can of course do it your way: a different kind of shirt, superglue instead of hot glue, or maybe some other brooch-type stuff. But here we go...

Things needed:
1. A sweatshirt 
2. Hot Glue Gun (with newspapers so you don't ruin everything)
3. Some kind of pom-poms/appliqué (mine are faux fur)
4. A brooch base

+ scissors (and for all of those who love symmetry - a ruler)

1. First off, I had to cut the elastic band off the pom-poms - since those were the kind I got. This part is kinda boring, hence my face in the last photo.

2. When you got all of your fluffy bobbles ready, plug in your glue gun and after it's hot, glue the metal brooch base to the pom-poms. Although it's fun, be careful - hot glue + metal = hot metal. It's not that fun to have burns after a while, so I recommend protecting your fingers with a piece of tissue paper. You can also permanently attach the pom-poms to the garment instead of creating pins out of them, but I like to change things up from time to time so I loved the fact that I can take off or re-arrange them whatever way I like it.

3. Next thing is measuring. I'm a geek deep inside my soul, so I enjoyed this step. Firstly you need to calculate how many bobbles you have and how you want to put them. You'll need your ruler/metre to divide it into sections, and a pencil to mark when you'll be putting them.

4. After marking it with a pencil, I wanted to add the pins - just so it sits in a perfectly flat line in the end.
5. And the last thing you need is to pin the pom-poms on! I still used a help of my ruler - just because I like to think I'm some kind of a perfectionist.

And although I risk the fact I sound like a commercial man - in just an hour (with much needed back stretching & water drinking breaks) you'll transform something basic a funky statement piece.

I'll probably be wearing it with my skinny jeans or some basic bottoms and a t-shirt underneath, just to give the whole look the feel of layering. I'm also planning on changing the arrangement of the pom-poms, as I ordered a new bunch of these. It's probably ending up like a messy furry sweater, but I like it that way.
wearing it with h&m jeans, t-shirt and hat
Final receipt: $27 sweatshirt, $12 pom-poms, $4 brooch-base = $43 total (really cheap for a unique customisable sweatshirt)