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Friday, 14 March 2014


Probably everyone knows that one saying that’s probably as old as the fashion bible: ‘A basic white button-up shirt is the foundation of style’. And Kris Van Assche literally took that saying and fashion-ran with it – or should I say made a collection based on it.

The latest collection for his self-named brand literally made perfect sense in this 21st century economy-obsessed ambience – classics with an artistic twist. And if the basic inspiration is set to be a genius artist like John Baldessari is, it’s set to be one hell of the artistic twist. Covering the late 90’s is-it-retro-already power-suiting idea merged with current (some may even say futuristic) masculine silhouette, Van Assche decisevely once again interpreted the story of the ‘plain white shirt’. Although his former work was in the scope of redesigning and adding to the looks of the shirt, for Autumn Winter 2014 he gave his viewer/customer the idea on HOW to put together a KVA look with a simpler option. His answer is – layering. And although Van Assche puts this kind of aesthetic into his work for Dior Homme, I still always look forward to his own fashion shows, just because they give more of a carefree airy spirit of menswear I love. Dior Homme is Dior Homme, a heritage and mostly a well-known recipe, KVA is fashion-forward.
Kris Van Assche, A/W 2014
Following (not literally, but in my mind) Van Assche's step were Maison Martin Margiela and Agi & Sam. While MMM made the 1989 layering very 2043 with yet another non-fashion approach to clothes that present themselves as ‘just garments’, A&S gathered Western and African heritage into a fashionable rumble where African tribal men wear Western uniforms – inter alia - plain white button-ups.
Maison Martin Margiela A/W 2014
Agi & Sam, A/W 2014
Talking about a plain white shirt wouldn't be complete without mentioning and referencing musical legends that still make me envy of their laissez-faire kind of fashion that was nurtured in their day and age. Maybe it was the lack of today's obsession with fashion, although I blame that on the aesthetic of the decade. Look at the 4 chaps from Liverpool, also known as The Beatles - mostly wrinkly suits and perfectly white button-ups, and their look is nothing but flawless. Same goes for the King, the one and only Elvis Presley, whose style was nothing about being easy-going, yet his style of interfering with a fashion statement were always in the spirit of his easy-to-listen music. His outfits never took away from the music (nor they added - just because he didn't need it) - his costumes were always a perfect addition to the voice. And that's just how I like it.

Editorial work featuring a plain white shirt
After ogling through numerous editorials featured on my favourite online destinations, I realised how a plain white shirt CAN be relevant, carefree AND stylish in this day and age.
Those 3 things inspired me in creating an outfit that made perfect sense for this current season & moment - sprinter (spring+winter). It was the right time to pull out my 3/4 lenght sleeves and almost-sole-less Startas plimsolls - with adding a few winter textures to it, and creating a bit of a cowboy moment by adding the bolo tie to the whole story. Sometimes, things just make sense - at least in my own, mostly open-minded head.
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