style brick road: Foxxy

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I was about the age of 8 when I started to notice a white furry animal-like thing my grandma was wearing on top of her coat during the colder days. After a year or 2, I finally dared to ask what is it – she told me it’s an animal warming her up. ‘What a calm & nice animal’ I thought to myself…
Today, a decade later, I realise what it was yet I still don’t get why it was.

Fur fashion is something that had a road like many other trends - firstly used by indigenous people, as a nature-calling defense mechanism against cold, yet somehow it soon translated itself into the luxury world of Western people. People loved to claim their dominance over another person/animal/object, and wearing fur was their way of saying - I'm in charge. There's no other reason in wearing garments or accessories that are made out of animal's skin and replicating their shape within it (hence, the fox stoles) You can still buy those vintage fur coats and stoles in most second hand shops (especially in Zagreb), at a price of a brand new coat in a high street store like H&M. It's yours to choose.
To be completely blunt, I'm not an animal activist nor any kind of a vegan/vegetarian - I just choose not to wear furs. Not for the sake of the mankind, but because I don't fell comfortable in it. I'm not categorically saying 'never' just because it's not a thing one should ever do, but at this very moment - fur is not my choice.
In the 21st-century-world of fashion, there are many interpretations of a fur and, wether real or faux, it's something that become the talk of the town exactly a year ago when 2 very different designers, from completely different sides of the globe did almost the exact same thing, the exact same season. Yet somehow, it was just the opposite.
On the one side, there was (once again) amazing Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya, whose graphic minimalism aesthetic reminds me of a fashion interpretation of El Lissitzky, a 20th century Russian suprematism artist. On the other side was the ultimate Fashion-with-a-capital-F American wunderman Marc Jacobs. Both of them decided to create a new, somehow hyperrealistic version of a vintage fur stole. And they did so. Yet in completely different ways.
Vika decided to create something luxurious out of a basic, non-luxe textile, while Marc created almost a satirical version of the piece in a lavish real fur. The price of her piece was 1 655 American dollars. For a faux, fur almost novelty piece. The price of MJ's piece is a mystery to me, but I somehow doubt it exceeded the former amount (at least around that amount). Once again, the choice is yours...
An Autumn/Winter 2013 case of  'great fashion minds think alike'. Or do they?
As I'm apparently segregating myself as a Vika-Gazinskaya-for-non-rich-people, I once again found a way to repress my needy love for the brand with a less-expensive, but not less-fabulous solution...
My Facebook rambling finally came in handy when I discovered a Bosnian-based brand called Shvorc/Шворц (Bosno-serbo-croatian term for broke - oh, how conveniently). Inside their rich plethora of unique fashion (oh, how I love affordable fashion made in my home region :D), I found my foxxy fox - the coolest version of a 21st century fur stole. In a material I chose. :) In a collaborative conversation, I created my own piece, one I today call (yes, I name my stuff - especially if they have a look of a cute animal) Foxxy Ivo - don't know why, he (yes, it's a he) just fit the name perfectly. And probably the best thing is the price - I could have my own luxe animal-friendly 'fur' for only €15. I'm already thinking about my next fox - contemplating on both the colour and the name.
Шворц foxxy wool & cotton stole_maison martin margiela trench coat_marni x h&m cashmere jumper_h&m jeans & boots_c&a sunglasses_ebay hat