style brick road: Back to the future

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Back to the future

Teaming up with creative people always makes me happy. When in the middle of happening in my life (MA applications, university exams & assignments,new work opportunities, my ski trip, a sudden voyage to Paris, a strained knee…) I get an e-mail explaining an exciting new project, I still fanboy – like I did 2 and a half years ago, when I started this ol’ thing. That feeling always re-assures me this platform retained its own sense and idea. Idea of my own personal visuals & feelings coming across…

My latest companion is a fresh online shop named, an online fashion destination with a greatly interesting base and an even greater potential. Based on a etsy-ish idea of young talent showing their work, it still has a definite kind of taste and approach to design itself. It is a ‘something for everyone’ shopping destination, but a distinguished point of view remains through everything.
Some of my personal picks include Jelena Aleksić (Croatian designer I modelled for few times), Fete Champetre, Madox, Tašna by Ana Surdilović... They all have absolutely different aesthetics, yet somehow merge into this creative bunch perfectly.
Fete Champetre nouveau-romance
My menswear picks include MadoxJelena Aleksić
So, as the Trendcy team asked me to become part of their virtual team within their community page (you can easily join too) –  I was surprised with a cute little thank-you gift (and a quite joyful gesture) - a watch from their own shop, and as a biiig watch person I was happy as a little boy. Just don’t be fooled – I can’t be bought with a watch, I just love shiny wrist things. :3
Its design instantly reminded me of steampunk. And while most of Fashion-with-a-capital-F people dread the word steampunk, I somehow enjoy how kitschy that culture is. It’s definition of combining Victorian looks with futuristic technologies remind me of my childhood video-games – namely, every edition of Crash Bandicoot. It has that new-old mixture that’s fun in a proper ha-ha kind of way. I even catch myself from time to time - almost secretly, like I’m trying to do it behind my own back - googling  those cray-cray installations and victorian innovations that steampunkers love. You could say it’s a guilty pleasure…
 That retrofuturistic creative vision could easily connect steampunk with likes of Pierre Cardin (Dear Fashion-gods, don’t be offended). Of course it’s not the same kind of artistry, nor it’s a friendly connection between the two – but a same Back To Future idea. I could (and probably will) write a whole piece about Pierre Cardin’s unique vision of retro silhouettes and futuristic materials/prints/shapes and genius mind, but I’ll leave it at this half-arsed comparison. It’s something that connected like 2 dots in my mind – maybe it’s because I don’t know enough.
Pierre Cardin's retrofuturism
So, to merge everything I had in my mind at the moment – I spontaneously pulled out my retro-futuristic pieces I usually combine in a more basic way. Or I don’t wear them at all. It was a fun mix, and one that was truly inspired by my new watch – its shape, its idea…
h&m striped tee, top hat & denim shirt_ zara blazer_replay vintage sunglasses_terranova pepita-printed trousers_camper x bernhard willhelm sneakerboots_trendcy watch

ps. Sending you a kiss from (more-less) sunny Paris! :*