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Sunday, 2 March 2014


Right off the runway, I had yet another case of easy love - with the latest Mary Katrantzou, Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Overflowing with new-age luxury, and a great deficiency of digital prints. Her last, S/S collection was probably a form of transition - where she combined her unique prints, statement silhouettes and appliqué-d 3D materials - to an extent where it mostly looked overwrought and itsy-bitsy heavy. And in this equation where she had 3 strong elements, the only thing it needed to become perfect was to do the odd one out. Her eye-bombing prints were replaced with a construction of manually creating 3D printing - by attaching somewhat alternative materials to her garments. My favourite looks were definitely the last few, where she went completely into the space by creating a 21st century fashion warrior moment.

Katrantzou's 3D moments made me realise this kinda trend of attaching volume to the actual textile many designers have been doing for years. Right off the bat, only few fell in mind. Stella McCartney's last Resort collection made the term 'attaching random things to my clothes' a real thing. Matches, plastic lips, hearts and beads - in their real form create quite a modern print without having to be inside the print. While John Rocha did some fairly convenient floral attached to black transparent-chiffon tea-lenght gowns, young designers of Fashion East 'outed' their horse into the space - recreating its mane out of black fringe. Alberta Feretti was quite elegant and regal in her 3D moments - beads and leaf-like fringe went quite organically with her cocktail-dresses, a route Christian Siriano also did visited with his collection. 

One of the best presents I got for this past Christmas were 3 oversized faux-fur pom-poms, from my lovely friend Ana ( They instigated my form of 3D fashion and the first thing I did when I got them was attaching them onto the lapel of every coat I wore. Few days into obsessing over these fuzzy accessories. I remembered my angry panda sweater and made quite a joke putting them in place of his nose & ears. As the panda went 3D, so did one of my latest DIY ideas, inspired by this whole trend - and I'm going to be sharing it on the blog in a day or so.
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sisley angry panda jumper customized with faux-fur bobbles_vintage shirt_opening ceremony x adidas faux-fur jacket_h&m grey skinny jans_vintage ivory elephant necklace_casio watch