style brick road: visual conflict.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

visual conflict.

I never considered print mix a trend that's just seasonal or part of fashion at-the-moment. It's more of a lifestyle choice - choosing to play a game of tetris, which can easily can go wrong. But in this one - you choose your own rules. Printed textiles have evolved from a pure need of distinguishing a religion or a family from another one. It all started with China (of course) and their method of woodblock technique I've never been keen on in my primary school. 

We take prints for granted - aztec reminds us of summer, the so-called 'Nordic' print reminds us of Christmas, tie-dye is essential for hippies etc. etc. That's what creates a fashion alternative to the social & cultural power of stereotypes in the real world. We should never underestimate the power of visual - one can easily translate himself from a hobo to a hipster - and that line is very fine. (look at me rhyming my arse off!) Hence, creating a visual cocktail of many references is quite a fun of creating your own - mixing prints is just one of the methods. Floral with skulls, or Aztec matched to stripes - it's an idea of evolving a print within a print. And all I'm saying is quite a philosophical way of saying - to mismatch is to match.

Issey Miyake always presented himself in a way that's serious enough to be fash-ion, fashion yet always had a fun with it - it's not about being black to get serious kind of thing (although his faux-rollneck is something that went global in black) yet a sophisticated way of getting crazy. Because honeys - no one will make fun of you if Miyake did it. His Autumn/Winter 2014 menswear was not just a lite version of that mindset. Nah-ah. It's absolutely the opposite - the climax of printed extravaganza. It's everything with everything, yet nothing with nothing. 
Japanese coloured bonanza: Issey Miyake freed his men of any mixing doubts, so A/W 2014 is definitely MY season
To be honest, I'm not aware of any guy-celebrity that's showed his personal style with even a nice attempt of mixing  patterned textile in a stylish kinda way that's giving more life than putting together a plaid and a stripe. But the crown must be awarded to the absolute queen of the fields. Solange Knowles may be a bit less of a celebrity than her sexyfied sistah, but her fashion abilites can outdo the B. girl ANY. TIME. Literally. 
Solange shows more style in her random daytime looks than her Beyonce does in her 10-costume concert. It probably is the fact that she's less recognisable so she probably had more of a need to distinguish herself from the Knowles pack. And she did it in an absolutely right way. I've been squeaking (kinda) silently each time I see her out and about, just because she's giving so much story and inspiration from a fanboy point of view. Okay, okay - I Am idolising now, but it's just because she's so pruuuutty. #lovehuh
Mix without match: Solange Knowles uses prints in every part of her style - street, performance or editorial
Print royalty: J. Crew creative director and soon-to-be-on-my-fav-TV-show-Girls Jenna Lyons joins the Nubian beauty for a nice print-off 
If you're lacking some printed pieces, I've arranged a selection for you to choose from: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jack Spade, Levi's or Scotch&Soda. Which one do you choose? :)

Showing off my own printed mind came to me quite easily - it mostly felt like pouring a bit of Solange and a bit of Miyake into my affordable cocktail shaker - and there you go! A lavish print spectacular, coming your way!
agi&sam x topman trench coat_zara houndstooth flat cap_mcneal colourful v-neck jumper_vintage scarf_ h&m camo-leaf trousers_nike sneakers_Daniel Wellington Classic Exeter watch (get 20% on every DW buy by typing in 'styledino')

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