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Friday, 14 February 2014


This may seriously endanger my fashionisto cred (as if I've got any), but my excitement for ongoing global fashion weeks has kinda fallen into a big black hole due to my current life affairs. 
Let me talk you through - I'm finishing off my final application for my MA at London College of Fashion, and while I can easily type 10 stories per day if ever needed to - I still can't push myself to finish the BIG one. The one I need to complete my application. But yeah - having to write my Master's project proposal and a review on any piece of fashion media made me put my histoire de la mode thinking cap on. Which means - headless ranting through each and every collection, website, blog, movie or magazine issue I could get my hands on. Naturally, only .00005% of it may be relevant for this particular project, but hey - you never know when you'll need what's a lotus shoe (trust me - you don't want to google it) or who is Michelle Olley (you can safely google that one). 

So, as I was filing up my temporal cortex (it's believed that's where your long-term memory is stacked up) on fashion info, I got a big ol' flashback - I remembered probably the first conscious moment when I became intrigued by fashion as a form of artistry. It was the Fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection by the one and only Alexander McQueen. Human hair head-pieces, lavish amounts of red lipstick and a theatrical moment of exaggeration. At the time, I wasn't aware of all of his influences - Comme Des Garcons, Gaultier, Galliano, I was simply intrigued by everything that I saw. 

It was a turning point of expressing my personal style - I became aware of my favourite print in the world (which I have always loved, but not quite understood). It's the classy Scottish b&w houndstooth.

Turning point of many kinds: Alexander McQueen A/W 2009, at his emotional peek with (in my opinion) his best collection ever 
As a man with many loves (at least in the fashion fields), I've never visually neglected this one - yet I somehow never stacked up on houndstooth-printed pieces. It's probably due to the sole fact you can't really find that many printed pieces of any kind - let alone in this particular one. Which is quite funny since it's a classical menswear textile, not a lot younger than the all-around loved plaid. Maybe its time has yet to come.

Admittedly, many designers have already pursued their love in houndstooth - Stella McCartney's latest resort collection or Saint Laurent's A/W 2014 menswear collection are just some. So yeah - I'm literally cringing on the thought of having this large-scale printed mohair Saint Laurent coat or the blanket-like short-sleeved Stella robe. A guy can dream, no?
Legends on legends: Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Balmain & Valentino - my personal picks, though you could find many many more. Even the hugely popular baseball coach Bear Bryant became popular for his houndstooth fedora!
So the moment I knew I wanted to do this post - I took out every little thing I got that even resembles a houndstooth pattern. Turns out, not much was available. Few hats, another pair of scarves, few blazers - and my custom made coat with the most beautiful silk lining I've seen. Threw on some of the pieces, belted it up (since my waist is my favourite thing right now - it's my fat phase I'm going through).

ps. My hair is growing out - it looks mega-shitty, and I can't do anything with it. :( #sosad #firstworldproblems
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xx d.