style brick road: michelin man.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

michelin man.

A fashion faux-pas, a thing I'd get rid off firstly if there ever was a fire in my closet, it must be the puffer jacket. People still haven't invented a less-flattering piece of clothing than a down jacket. 
No one can make me believe that there isn't a prettier (or at least more flattering) way of being warm and comfy. The puffy jacket was the first to start the extreme evolution of comfort over (even a spark) of style, that after continued with Ugg boots, Crocs sandals and plush Juicy Couture sweatpants. Ugh. It even hurts a little just writing this. To be clear - I owned a puffy jacket all my life, but for the pure reason of satisfying my parents and my skiing needs. #jussayin

Probably the biggest culprit for celebrification of the Michelin-man jacket is Moncler Grenoble brand - having the light feathers inside of the comfy nylon, and 'making' all of those fancy celebrities wear them. I still hate them for that, but I cannot say it hasn't evolved into something of a lifestyle. And I respect even the least-attractive thing that has a story behind it to support its aesthetic.
Evolution of Comfort: Moncler Grenoble A/W 2014 is almost making myself urge for a puffy trouser-jacket combo
Having said all that... I've always been a person that challenges himself (stylistically speaking at least), so when I saw a loud (almost neon) orange down jacket, I kinda thought to myself - why not? A shopping-friendly mood was se either by a great sale or that was just a spur of the moment. But I got the jacket a month or so ago, and it has been waiting for me to wear it since. Few days ago it was kinda cold, but not quite - yet I had an urge to take out that orange fug out of my closet. It was probably due to the fact I was excessively watching Sochi Olympic Games on TV. 
But nevertheless, I put on my gay-friendly DIY plastic chain necklace (in support of the latest happy-coloured Google Doodle and the gay-unfriendly Olympics), my yellow puffy west and the woodland wonderland shirt. The rest was haphazard, as was my own interpretation of something I thoroughly hate.
marx puffer jacket_mcneal puffer vest_h&m button up_DIY necklace_asos 80's styled jeans_daniel wellington classic black watch (get 20% on every DW buy by typing in 'styledino')_nike sneakers

In the end, I absolutely understand the need for comfort and warmth - that's why I'm sharing some of the prettier looks - to bear with the fact that this kind of jacket is a necessity. Thanks to the East Dane super shopping-friendly widget, you can scroll through my top-list and choose your own favourites.

xx d.