style brick road: backbone confessions.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

backbone confessions.

I know we (and by we, I mean the people that consider themselves part of the fashion industry) love to think of ourselves objective onlookers that can analyse anything that stands under the fashion sign. But no. I object! I will be the first to admit that although we should tend to consider each case of a designer, collection, product, photo or anything else like a new case of art, you can always indulge in some irrational, ridiculous, uncompromising kinda love.

Latter was the case with Khoi Le, a luxury leather goods brand I stumbled upon while scrambling through Instagram. It's definitely not strange I love their products since Khoi Le practiced his skills at Marc Jacobs' accessories studio which I've been fanning on for numerous times.  As its description states, the brand has been 'sprouted from the concept of absolute simplicity and utility forged into the field of accessories, without sacrificing taste or a unique aesthetic'. Quite eloquently & very accurate, mr. PR.

All jokes aside, it really is a combination of simple and understated with luxurious materials that makes you want it. No one states it is something never seen before or the highlight of futuristic ideas. It's just about special enough for you to wonder where's it from, who's it by, and most importantly - where can you get it. All of these backpacks (and quite a few more leather goods - bags, pouches, etc.) are available at Khoi Lee's online shop here.

ps. All products are made in the US, which talk a lot about the heritage aspect that gives this brand another bravado. It's not all about being pretty, it's also about being smart.