style brick road: all rolled up.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

all rolled up.

As you can say by now - backpacks really are my thing. This obsession goes way back when I was an overenthusiastic 7-year-old and each time my family went to our countryhouse, I had my little ritual - took a backpack, filled it with a bottle of water, some candy, and a lot of toys and went on a little tour on my own. I'd end up sitting in our neighbours' field, sitting on his little bench with a matching table.
Few years later, my grandpa made a bench with a table in our own yard, just so I feel even cooler traveling (and probably because they wanted to keep their eyes on me).

Latest addition to my 'obsession list' (which is absolutely fictional) came to me soon as I published the fabulous Khoi Le story is a a product of one Croatian creative community, that hides behind the name of multiRacionalna kompanija (Croatian for 'multiRational company'). To explain its concept briefly it's a creative studio that's creatively and commercially conjoined with one of the coolest destinations in Zagreb - a concept store called Prostor (Croatian for 'Space'). So, soon after I finished my Khoi Le piece, I got an e-mail from its proud owner Darko, explaining what stands behind one of his most successful products - HUMAN roll top rucksack. 

A creative mind infused into a need for something practical became a process of creating a product that introduces biking culture with an à la mode hipster-y feel. The impermeable latex canvas that's the solid textile for the body is the rational part, while the leather details (which are done impeccably) push the edge of fashion and uniqueness. To be honest - I'm down with anything that can hold my camera AND my laptop in the same time while looking cool, but this particular one is a true match of fashion and function. Probably the best part of it is the fact that it matches every single style one can cultivate - it's alternative and on-trend in the same time, while cultivating the streetwear appeal the brand describes as it basic direction. Who knew a backpack could be so intellectual?

For what it is, it's not a pricy product - but is an investment piece one would own and wear for some time. Counting on its classical looks (which are suitably on trend right now) it really is a single item that could carry from season to season to season. I'm really counting on getting my hands on one - so deciding on the colour of the leather will probably be my biggest problem. If anyone wants to know - HUMAN roll top backpacks (in its current, second edition - after the first one was sold out) are available in Prostor concept stores in Zagreb & Rovinj, and supposedly on their online shop - which still seems to be under construction. 

xx d.