style brick road: 500.

Sunday, 2 February 2014




No, seriously - I'm a big sucker for anniversaries (as you may have noticed), and that's probably because I'm not in a relationship, so a 500th post is quite big deal for me. It means, you guys have tolerated my personal written diarrheas for quite some time now which should made me think you kinda like it. As any other human being, I still get quite a tingly feeling when I see the amount of people who daily click on my blog and check out my latest opinions and fashion interpretations.
Springtime romance: S/S 2013 Micica collection featured beautiful images of romantic looks with neutral statement jewelry (I talked about it HERE)
Baroque tartanomania: A/W 2013 collaboration between Micica & Zigman,
So just for this anniversary, I teamed up with one of my favourite Croatian jewelry brands - Micica, who I've been in love for quite some time now. Through their amazing craftsmanship they combine vintage baroque-esque motifs with a distinguished art nouveau inspired illustrations with a romantic feel. It's a unique mix that has been recognised by a lot of people, just one of them being one of the biggest Croatian designers Zigman - who's been collaborating with them for his shows for many many years (I loved the belts they did together for his latest show, I featured here) I've been very lucky to have a piece just for myself so I'm really thankful to Doris & Stefano for making me part of their Micica family.

So. Here's how it went down. I was in a dandy mood yesterday, so I threw on my granddad-style coat, but anything I matched with it - it felt too old and dainty. So I put together the most simple sweater-jeans combo, and wore my most outrageous footwear with this classical rococo-inspired Micica brooch. And this is how it turned out! :)
micica brooch_vintage robe worn as coat_h&m sweater & jeans_giant vintage sunglasses_asos cap_bernhard willhelm x camper snow boots_daniel wellington classic bristol lady watch (get 20% on every DW buy by typing in 'styledino')

PS. Just for this great occasion of 500, you can win a Micica of your own -  this beautiful black&white necklace, and you can win it HERE. :)
xx d.