style brick road: 50 shades of denim.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

50 shades of denim.

Ahh, denim. There's something about that textile that makes me go crazy. I got that same feeling when my mom baked my new favourite unhealthy deep-fried treat - latino (just so nations get feisty over who created this delicacy) churros. That delicious goody is something to talk about, just probably not right now, right here. Although, I honestly get quite attached to food, probably the same way I get attached to clothes and fashion in general. That's probably due to my gourmet genes I'm extremely proud of. But let's go from genes to jeans.

Every day we hear about people forecasting trends and what's the 'it thing' for the next season, and when someone says 'double denim' or something similar I truly blow my top. Denim has been part of the retail and fashion industry since the 18th century - when French people created it and Americans started using it regularly. Just because it was a material that was never supposed to wash.
I love that story, and with that the feeling of a pair of jeans on me - it's that ruggedy, sturdy feel that gives an edge even to the twee-est of fashion. 

I realised my love for this country type of cotton quite early, but the fashion-oriented fixation with it came up within one concrete moment. It was the Chloé S/S 2010 collection, back to when the beautiful & talented boho-queen Hannah MacGibbon was in charge of the designs for the house. Her aesthetic was a luxurious vision of the bohemian rhapsody - full of beige, neutrals and feminine-masculine play of layers. It's most definitely different from Chloé today, and I tend to love that past era more. The fact is - all of her collections still look not only relevant, but fashion forward.
SO, back to denim - this amazing look was a true moment to stop and stare. That messy hear, sandal-flats and leather deatiling outlined the double-denim combination that had never looked that soft yet hard in the same time. Our love was meant to be.

Now, almost 5 years later (geez, I'm old) - even couturiers go denim. Karl Lagerfeld made quite a statement, letting denim garments go head-to-head with those Mademoiselle Chanel bouclé suits. I presume that collection was quite about the moment when he decided the brand wants to go extremely young. Heck, Miroslava Duma wore this one, Diane Kruger wore another one from their Resort collection - do you need anything more?
Balmain kept both menswear and womenswear in that same denim-delirium spirit - S/S 14 is going to be quite a jeans-friendly season, I suppose. I only wish more affordable brands go friendly with these denim working suits which were Balmain's way of throwing back to the early 20th century.
Even the kings of theatrical runway in Croatia gave his regards to this eternal textile - Robert Sever & Branko Basletić did that amazing as some of their most memorable pieces from the S/S 2014 collection (I've talked for times and times) were made in a fine greenish-blue denim.
As I'm a proper google geek, I tend to download and save everything I stumble upon that makes me wide-eyed. It was probably in September, during London Fashion week (ahh, good old times) that I googled upon a unique artist whose work quite fascinated me at first sight. It was a patchwork-technique out of denim that didn't seem overwrought yet came across quite intricate and interesting.
I genuinely forgot about it, seemingly because of the madness that was around me - it was my 1st LFW nonetheless.
Then again, a week ago - in the same manner as the first time (which I'd call random) I finally got to know about this artist a bit more. Ian Berry is what you'd call an artisan, and a fashionable one indeed who says his inspiration for this craft came with a 'tactile enthusiasm' with this fabric that's worn by everyone - 'from the manual worker to the aristocrat'. Which is a true story - I once saw prince William wear them. His (and by that I mean Ian Berry's, not prince William's) artistic name is Denimu which is quite adorable and appropriate in the same time. He's inspired by both his own heritage which are shown in his panoramic work of London bits, but he also creates portraits, celebrity people, interiors, and something every pop-artist does - NYC-inspired work.
I'd also love to state how Denimu's work is highly (if not consciously then intuitively) by probably the most memorable red carpet denim look (in fact 2 of them) of all times. This thing, can't be erased. Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears, 2001, American Music Awards. These 2 outfits sum up my late-childhood fashion-obsession is ALL ABOUT. I'm sorry but there's probably no better fashion throwback than this one (although JLo's 'up-to-there' Versace beach cover-up and Bjørks swan halloween costume come close).
After materialising my new & old loves that share my passion for denim, I was quite intimidated while creating a vision of my own. Not that I already didn't wear a lot of denim, and featured those looks on the blog, but sometimes the moment of realizing my own inspiration gives you more awareness of the whole process you pick your clothes. At least that's what I feel.
I went all out - the only thing that was definitely missing was a pair of denim shoes - which I'm currently browsing for intensively.

Denim extravaganza, all the way!
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xx d.