style brick road: tie-a-knot!

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Ahh.. Memories. 
I remember my bow-tie phase very VERY well. Back when I thought oversized blazers were my best friends, my favourite accessory was definitely that retro moment of a bow-tie. As with all my obsessions, I started collecting quite a number of colourful pieces I really REALLY thought I needed.

So, a week or so ago, when I was scrabbling through Autumn/Winter 2014 menswear pics, I got that urge to tie something around my neck (pun fully intended). Thom Browne created yet another exaggerated costume-inspired extravaganza of a fashion show, but one quite petite and delicate piece of accessory stood out. Those knitted argyle-patterned floppy bows were an ideal detail and quite a nice point for drawing the inspiration out of the whole golf-drawn tale.
Playful greys Thom Browne settled for a playfull B&W situation, featuring wool bow-ties in his AW 2014 collection for Moncler Gamme Bleu
A tradition (well, it's not quite a trend, no?) of wearing bow-ties is highly appreciated in Hollywood. As per expectation, hipster-chic guys are all over that 'gentleman's choice of tie' schtick, but there are a few traditional guys attempting a printed/colourful bow - just to bring out the fun. Hey, everything starts with small steps, right? Maybe in a decade or so, non-fashionistas will be all over printed suits... Just maybe.
Stars to knots: Mostly hipster-chic Hollywood guys go for bow-ties, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson is THE KING of BOW-TIES
I decided to play around with my own bow-tie collection to create some inside-my-head fictional characters:
1. 80's college geek with a love for printed everything.
2. Super-bow-tie-man, a hipster version of Clark Kent - saving the world with his powerful bowtie.
3. Victorian gentleman with a secret love for black leather & red velvet.
4. 90's clown that loves anything oversized.
5. That freak that goes to buy bread & milk all dressed up.

ps. If this doesn't make any sense, try to ignore it.

So thanks to the guys from East Dane, I got a chance to share some of my online favs for the upcoming season. It's the classic-colourful mix I'm truly inspired by, so a pair of these could fix my snow-destroyed weekend.