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Thursday, 16 January 2014

suit up & run away!

At the the beginning of my blogging period, an 80's fixation was nothing but obvious. Shoulders were big &bold, clothes were mixed like a bowl of cereal, and my vision of fashion (and myself) in general was completely blurry. I still remember one article about Marc Jacobs' 2009 Autumn Winter collection - electric colours, highest shoulder-pads possible with every other eighties element that existed. It was the first newspaper article I cut out - just because that collection somehow inspired me to start loving fashion in a 'life-I'd-love-to-live' way. That's probably why those nasty ages will be buried inside of my style sense forever.

Then came the Sex and The City, or more accurately the S&TC 2nd movie - with its bad storylines and even worse ethic-standards, yet it still carries one of my biggest fashion inspiration. Nonetheless, it's Miranda (aka Cynthia Nixon) in that adorably incorrect (see: The Carrie Diaries) and heavily emotional 80's flashback scene. (see video below)

Her interpretation of suit-trainers is still making me sing - every 80's essential was there. White Reebok's with a matching pair athletic socks, ugliest shade of brown in a most unflattering silhouette there is and then the head. THE HEAD. That mushroom cut (referential of a more-or-less famous Croatian female politician named Dorica Nikolić) plus those mega-glam earrings. Add a bunch of books with a mandatory 2-bag minimum and you have the most inspiring look for my fashion creativity... Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But just maybe.
She's got the looks: Miranda Hobbes rocking that 80's image like a hurricane
 So thanks to the 80's and that Pat Fields throwback, I got inspired with a whole galaxy of looks... Formalwear with running shoes - what's a better trend to combine function and fashion. And probably in a dorkiest way possible. Robert Downey Jr. is a celebrity everyone loves so his quirky style makes perfect sense - and so do his red carpet outfits. Matching most random shoes with some even cute formalwear doesn't get him a gold red-carpet medal, but it does the job of embodying that 'fun guy of Hollywood' schtick he's so good in doing.

On the other hand, Britain's got a big horse in that 'suit-and-trainers' race... Tinie Tempah is one of the biggest and most current stars on the Island, so his image is greatly examined. Fashion Week looks, Red Carpet or just going-out outfits, he loves to mix it up, so the formal-sporty combo is quite obvious for him. But unlike RDJr, Tinie does it more elegantly and oh, so very British-y!
The trend is very popular with many stars & street-style gentlemen, so you're free to choose which one is your favourite - from Justin Timberlake through Ed Sheeran to some of the stylish people from Fashion Weeks around the globe...
Hollywood joker: Robert Downey Jr's personality translates onto his fashion choices, that's the only thing that matters!
The first man of Brit fashion: Tinie Tempah embracing one of my favourite trends makes him look even classier
Eclectic lads: Justin Timberlake did suit&trainers before doing Suit&Tie, but Ed Sheeran, Andy Samberg and are all giving him a run for his money
Elegantly running away: Fashion weeks sometimes feel like a race so comfy shoes are wanted indeed!
One of the biggest moments for this sophisticated and sporty trend on the runway happened last season, when (once again!) Marc Jacobs put a whole collection of 80's inspired looks wearing loosely-cut suits with basic black/white running shoes. The Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2014 one of the moments when you get the feeling designers get inspired by the fashion around them - not that no one ever did this thing, but in an aesthetic point of view this was for once a completely young, fresh and wearable vision of my favourite decade.
A fashion visionary or just a good observer? : Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S '14 is giving me life with this hi-lo combo
Actually not only Marc wasn't first, but S/S 2013 was marked with a model of sneakers called Rockrunner (talked about it here), which came from the fashion house of Valentino. A very luxurious take on the trend made those sneakers look more elegant than a pair of expensive Italian handmade loafers. That's the only way Valentino does it!

As For Croatia, only ladies have yet dared to present their own visions of suits with trainers. Both are beautiful, both are talented and equally stylish! One is my good friend Ana Bacinger (editor-in-chief of that featured a playful menswear-inspired look on her blog, while the other is the amazing Iva Balaban (co-owner of who did a classic b&w look with a classic sneaker Air Max model that looked everything BUT classic. I'm still waiting for some runway looks to get that treatment, and if I'm lucky - they will be menswear! :)
Victor-Victoria: Valentino S/S '13 or Croatian beauties? - Both Ana & Iva looked amazingly feminine in their masculine inspired looks
My own take was (yet again) a vision of inject the 80's in a literal and quite a comedic way... My favourite colour - neon gets a formal treatment, but what's better to combine than a crazy running shoe with a quite conservative pair of trousers. I'm always for contrast - just because that's part of my personality!
thrifted houndstooth blazer_new yorker neon green sweatshirt_h&m polka dot shirt_pierre cardin wool straight trousers_asics running triners_clox collar watch_ ebay cap_toywatch neon watch

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