style brick road: Off to Bristol! #newin

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Off to Bristol! #newin

I recently did an interview for one of the Croatian biggest daily newspapers (will be out soon) and they asked me which fashion piece do I find underestimated my the public, and my answer was instant - 'an elegant wrist watch'. That's one accessory I have loved from forever, truly one thing I feel naked without.

So thanks to my Swedish friends from Daniel Wellington, I'm not feeling naked - on the contrary, I'm feeling luxurious and all fancy schmancy! This month, I got me some Classic Bristol Lady (find it here) that looks like a witty character like Sherlock Holmes would wear it. It came in the perfect timing - just on time too scare away the classic ol' January depression away & make me feel happy. PLUS, I'm sure I won't be late for all of the exams coming up. #complaining

But, the gals&guys @ DW also decided to give you, my lovely-jovely readers another gifty-gifty! (excuse my lingo - been stuck with my books for too long) 

So if you're up for a 15% off any of your Daniel Wellington buy, just type in 'styledino' before checking out at @ You can use the discount code up to the end of February - so you've got almost 2 more months!

Any shipping/shopping questions regarding Daniel Wellington send @

xx d.