style brick road: obsessed with Susie B.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

obsessed with Susie B.

(firstly - Happy 2014.)

If I ever heard a good blogging advice, it must be the one by my nearest (I wish) and dearest Susanna Lau aka Susie Bubble who said something that caught my attention during a Topshop Fashion Blogging Masterclass/Workshop how a blog should present a ''personal experience of fashion''.
Yes, in a way I understand the saying embodies vagueness, but it truly is what it should be.

I've been forcing my blog to become something I wanted it to be, with simultaneously forcing myself to be something I aspire to be in a fashion sense. Then something caught my eye - as a person that is a fact-maniac with an irrational need to know (at least temporarily) bits and bobs about relatively non-important stuff - I should use that.

So here it goes - THE DEFINITION of how I spent my New Year's day - by working on photos for the next issue of Elle Croatia, eating random leftovers found at home & googling/tumblring/youtubeing the hell out of Susie Lau.

That's when this part comes in - the moment where I share my favourite videos of this cute-as-a-button girl, because my latest plan is to write a blog about blogs and bloggers and how to blog. #howdeep

As a person that met Susie quite briefly, I must say she's one honest, get-what-u-see and sincere persons I've met in this torn world of fashion. That's why I'm sending out a shoutout for the history-graduate, hard-working, cutely awkward & heavily ambitious girl with a big top-knot bun called Susie Bubble.
'I'm sure I'll get some stares on the street... I'm used to that though

I dare you not falling love with her. It's amazing how her personality coordinates with her fashion sense - no I'm not idolising SB, just acting all fallen-in-love.

Susie & her 'dog' bag!
One of the first videos when I 'virtually met' Susanna. (funfact: my mum's name is Suzana!)

Only thing I'm kinda weirded out by is her Arsenal lover (I'm a Chelsea fan!) - but hey, nobody's a perfect one! JK, that makes her even more cute.

ps. I'm not a stalker/freak, just wanted to share my current obsession!

xx d.