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Friday, 10 January 2014

mickey boy!

Two big black ears, a pair of hot red shorts, elegant white gloves and the yellowest oversized shoes there are. Maybe sounds like Celine’s next collection, but no – it’s the favourite rodent in the world.

Mortimer Mouse was supposed to be his alias, but thanks to Lillian Disney (Walt’s wife) – we know him by the name of Mickey Mouse. In one of the first Walt Disney Company animated features, his shiny smile and a warm hart were seen all over the world. A short cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie’ was the debutant ‘acting’ role for Mister Mickey. 
Mickey's big debut on the silver screen - 'Steamboat Willie' from 1928
Want to know to make a Mickey the M? This is how the 'remade him' in 1938
It wasn't long before Mickey became a Legend. A face that makes you smile with an image that's easy to love - MM is one of the most salable faces there are. Just think of a person that doesn't like/hate him - I don't know a person, and if you do, you're hanging out with the wrong people. 

Fashion-wise - Mickey suffered many interpretations, and one of the most meaningful ones was thanks to the crazy Jeremy Scott who inspires himself with most outrageous objects, and for his Autumn/Winter 2009 collection - it was the big-black-ears character everyone loves. In collaboration with adidas, he created a pair of sneakers many people (including myself) are still eager to have. A collector's piece, I must say.
A Mickey sneaker freaker: Jeremy Scott ft. adidas for his A/W '09 collection
Of course he isn't alone in the Mickey-mania. Manish Arora created a cartoon warrior for his outrageously luxurious A/W 2008 collection, while Jean-Charles de Castelbajac had took Mickey, and still hasn't let him go. First for his Spring/Summer '08 then for his S/S '12 - Mickey has his own place in Jean-Charles' heart. And why wouldn't he? He established his own aesthetic on that simple cute little pair of ears that, in the fashion world, is still connected with Castelbajac. One of the less-memorable takes on Disney's favourite fashionista was for A/W '11 when the italian duo Dolce & Gabbana made a comic inspired D&G collection that was full of Mickey. Now I see it, I'm weirdly obsessed by some of the pieces - the yellow jacket seems to be calling me.
Great minds think alike: Arora's warrior Mickey for A/W '08 made friends with Castelbajac's versions for S/S '08 and S/S '12
Memorable? Maybe not, but still fabulous - D&G A/W '11
Marc Jacobs first wore Mickey, than recreated him. The man that I consider more of a style than a fashion genious took Mickey and for S/S '13 created something so 90's and literal... That i worked. Miley wore it, and the rest is history. The same season, for his first collection, a young British talent named Bobby Abley also went the 90's route with his somewhat androgynous vision of Mousy M. No cute face whatsoever. He continued his vision few days ago... As did Katie Eary. For A/W '14, Katie and Bobby (sound like a cute little cartoon I want to watch) saw their own men as swagged-out versions of Mickey. (still cannot believe I used swagged out *disgusted*)
Miley, Marc & Mickey - 3 M's look good together, S/S '13
Bobby Abley's premiere collection appropriately named 'Wishery', S/S '13
Latest Mickeyfications: Both Bobby Abley & Katie Eary did Mickey headwear, A/W '14
As for the Croatian design I'm still eagerly pushing into every post I can, there's really not much to talk about. Zagreb's cutest concept store Iggy (LINK) did a few custom skirts in a curtain material with a print of Mickey which everyone was obsessed with. One of their signature pieces - comfy slippers also came with a Mickey print. But I feel somehow disappointed no one did a full Mickey M. collection - maybe it's up to me?
Croatia's Mickey attempt: Iggy store Mickey skirt & slippers. Not enough for me :(
While most of Mickey the Mouse clothes seem a bit cray-cray to most people, accessories are always a chance for regular (meaning not-attention-seeking) people to add a bit of outrageousness to their own style. Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott sunnies were a big hit (even I have ones - buried deeeeep deep down in my closet), the Jeremy Scott helmet become a favourite for editorials and music videos, and the Castelbajac necklace was (and still is) a collectors piece. BUT. T-H-E-S-H-O-E-S. 
From the moment Carrie Bradshaw gave women a right and a genetic excuse to shoe-shop, it became obvious these Mickey Louboutins are a pair of dreamy shoe any fashionista would love to own. If not for wearing, then at least for watching. And of course, Castelbajac has its own version of the Mouse shoe that's a bit more shocking, and in the same time, a bit more appealing to my weird-y eye.
Queen shades: Bey & Gaga rock Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott sunnies for their 'Telephone' video.
Editorial fantasy: From Fantasia in 1940 to a fashion fantasia in an editorial
A fashion editorial for Storybook magazine, was a perfect chance for my editor Saša Joka to use Castelbajac's metal necklace as part of his vision - and it was a great honour to be part of that shoot.
Less or more?!: Louboutins or Castelbajacs? It's up to your own taste...
Personal Mickeys: my iPhone case that's pretty much destroyed, but still close to my heart, and a Mickey pendant I got from my dear Ana Bacinger from Little Fashion Paradise
For Lady Gaga, Mickey is part of her image - whether it's Balmain or Michael Jackson's wardrobe collection... She's rocking a pair of ears, and I must say - from an artistic point of view. You cannot say, she's not committed. maybe sometimes a bit too committed - but that's a thing I'll save for another date. Street style is another platform where Mickey is a favourite - most likes, most re-pins, and most re-tweets. Whichever social media platform you use - this is a character that rules it. And the both fabulous and a bit sad thing is - he's just a character. GO, MICKEY!

Role-playing royalty: Lady Gaga pays hommage to many icons -  Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mickey Jacks... oops.
King of streetstyle: No blogger is that popular, the king of the street style is definitely Mr. Mickey
Now about my version of the MM outfit. Yes, it looks a bit haphazard and it is one of the wackiest thing I've wore (at least in my opinion), but at the moment I felt haphazard, wacky, and most importantly - I felt the emotion Mickey is set out to convey and I hope the photos exude the same one. 
asos mickey mouse printed sweater_vintage diesel denim jacket_h&m white shirt_river island mickey mouse printed jersey pants_ebay patent leather transparent oxfords_h&m hat

xx d.