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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

fashion fitness.

As I'm getting older, (ugh, I swore I will never use this phrase but...) I really start thinking more and more about comfort and easy-to-wear factor of clothes. I'm not saying I'll jump into Crocs and a onesie (although...), but I'm really not into constricting myself in any way anymore. It's probably a phase that's got to do with all of my exams and other life-changing decisions/moves I'm having to make. But still, I always take a phase that falls from the sky and run with it. Meaning: I'm all into comfy looks, but I still try to make them interesting somehow.

As I was eagerly covering the Autumn/Winter 2014 menswear fashion shows (via of course), I had an instant connection with one. Yes it was miles from my aesthetically typical point of view, but it was nothing less than interesting. Kokon To Zai is a London-based brand I discovered scrambling through internet few years ago, just before the Oscars of 2010, when (as any other celeb-style junkie) I wanted to remind myself (once again) of all the fabulous gowns that became part of the Oscar history. And as I was scratching through all of the Gwyneth Palthrows and Meryl Streeps, I stumbled upon that crazy-bat swan dress Björk wore in 2001. So, as most of the people that know anything about Oscars I remembered that dress, but I couldn't think of the designer that was responsible for that major moment. Logically, I googled (TGFG - Thank God for Google) and the name Marjan Pejoski jumped out. It had a Balkanian feel to it, so I searched and searched (Marjan is Macedonian!) and came to the name of the brand Kokontozai where he works as the Creative Director, and his fella Koji Muruyama sits as head of the design. That was the moment when my love for avant-garde sportswear came to life.
Futuristic Monochromatic Tribe: KTZ unites a young vision and an experienced hand  
Aesthetically speaking, the futuristic and out-there point of view is simply a mix of anything you could find in Camden town (hence, Cyberdog or any other rave store) with a creative uniqueness of putting sportswear feeling in the focus. The rave culture of the 80's is a thing one can (and some probably did) write books and books about, but KTZ brings it all in its fun collections. Mix it up with bits of futuristic tribal, and there you go. For A/W 2014, Marjan & Koji brought the monochromatic B&W scheme with a completely new life to the table. I usually associate b&w textiles with minimalism and simplicity, but there's nothing simple nor minimal about this collection. It's a luxurious sportswear maximalism, that's referencing both the past and the future. A quite uniquely constructed point of view.
Running equal: Unisex fashion is everything for Obekei's latest 2OB14 collection 
Architectural Androgyny: Marija Kulušić gives a fresh perspective on 21st century fashion for S/S 2014
I had to connect the b&w theme with Croatia, since it's literally the safest and most usual scheme domestic designers use, but in the sea of boring black&whiteness, I had to pick & single out only a couple. Both are young and creative, but in a completely different way. More of a sportswear vision is a brand I'm truly connected to from the beginnings of my blogging - Obekei is that sporty-luxe vision every cool kid on the block wants to wear. It's simple yet comfortable, and nothing but a hipster vision of fashionable. On the completely other side of the fashion specter (if there ever was one - and it should be!) a cool new girl is situated very safely. In this past season, I never hid my love for the work of Marija Kulušić - a fashion designer that marries architecture and fashion in a unique way that's completely feminine yet somehow remains that 21st century androgynous feel. LOVE.

Skater diffusion: T by Alexander Wang S/S 14 reflects putting together op-art and skater chic
Away from the shazzle bedazzle side of fashion is Alexander Wang's diffusion line - T by Alexander Wang, which represents everything his fashion is about, but in a more modest filter of living. It's primarily salable and heavily marketable (as any other high-fashion diffusion line), but the thing that makes it special is that insted of shedding the pieces of all points of high-fashion-ness, Wang leaves a note of skater chic he puts in all of his lines - even Balenciaga. 

My own point of view reflects a marriage of all of my loves - Michael Jackson meets Grace Jones, and KTZ meets Alexander Wang. Somewhere in between these polarising inspirations, I find it quite simple to adapt my colourful fashion sense and personality within the boundaries of black and white. Sometimes, B&W doesn't need to be 2 non-colours - if you're deft in mixing it up, it can be louder than the craziest colour combo in the world.
I decided to throw a bit of Sochi Olympics (which I'm somehow not that excited - I usually prepare myself with massive amounts of information before the Olympics, but these are not smelling right for me somehow, probably for the political reasons) with my cool new jacket which is a collab of H&M and the Swedish Olympic team. The sneaks are part of my dancing history since I trained & competed (and won!) in them for many, many years, and the scarf represents one of my favourite gifts for this Christmas!! 
Quite a sporty look came out, no?!
h&m trousers & scarf _benetton black sweater_adidas white hoodie_h&m x swedish olympic team perforated jacket_reebok sneakers_lucija vrcic backpack_giant vintage sunglasses (find them here)

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