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Saturday, 4 January 2014

croatian fashion & domestic knits.

As I scrambled through a media channel called Youtube, I watched several videos regarding London Fashion Week(s) and how it changes, etc. etc. (I know - when you have the least time to spare, you have the most time to watch random stuff.)
And while listening to's Tim Blanks, Hilary Alexander and milady Susie Bubble talk about London Fashion Week, how it changed or how there's a problem with a lack of buyers during the shows, or even how London's fashion is all too avant-garde and weird for buyers from around the world.
Hence, I thought about the same problem in my own country of the beautiful Croatia - how people design and show their collection literally for their fans on facebook and other social media. It's nothing less than normal that a much-loved designer shows a collection without any thinking of their customer, of a customer, or rather of any customer there is. I consider insensible fashion design rather offensive and weirdly insufficient to feed my urge for creativity.
Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against experimental ideas or even 'crazy for the sake crazy' style - it's all part of the industry I love and cherish. But, there's THE kind of design that doesn't fall into any category - just an attempt at fashion design without being aware of what surrounds you or what doesn't. And instead of thinking about that kind of design, I wanted to share some highlights that are part of the Croatian fashion scene (I feel uncomfortable saying industry - just because there isn't one).

To say the least - talking about knitwear in the winter is just about as standard as raving about florals for spring (always think of this), but looking at my newest made-in-Croatia buy made me think of how knits in Croatia truly are groundbreaking.
If one's talking about Croatian knitwear designers, one MUST mention Tihomir KrznarićIgor Galaš, 2 designers that went head-to-head in the woolen knits department - yet somehow neither of them is showing during any of the three (!!) Croatian fashion week(ends). While Tihomir's work was more about oversized structures and playing with techniques of knits, Igor was more of a shape master - where material were inconspicuous and almost basic while the silhouettes became the focal point.
The latest attempt of bringing back knits to a country where hand-work is part of the culture and even our heritage (every other grandma is educated in basics of knitting) shortly became a success as the designer holds a soft-spot in my heart.
My friend and one of the most successful under-30 talents Sonja Lamut showed an impressive yet simplistic array of (very) oversized knitted beanie-caps accompanied with equally cool hand-knitted scarfs alongside her amazing collection (I wrote about here). It was all part of her A/W 2013 collection I fell in love with instantly, so my attempt at wearing her cap was highly expected. And although they kinda remind me of the fabulous knits shown by the British royalty of contemporary knitwear Sibling, their šubara-like looks keep you both warm and noticed in the same time. #FTWinter
 Igor Galaš

 Tihomir Krznarić

 Sister by Sibling, AW 2013

xx d.