style brick road: August 2013

Saturday, 31 August 2013

90s blues.

Think of Spice Girls. Think of bleached denim. Think of funky-coloured hi-tops. Think of overalls. Think of Spice girls. Think of 90's.

I spent my friday watching concerts of the Spice Girls, watching a documentary about them (Giving You Everything), and watching their movie (Spice World). Some may say a quite boring Friday, I'd say a very 90's Friday. And as I spent all those hours intricately studying the 'culture' of my childhood, it rubbed right on me. 

Friday afternoon, it came. I needed to get dressed. Look what I've come up with - a total 90's bananarama. Why not revive those good old times?

Each day is another chance to wear a costume, yesterday I wore a 90's one.
Giant Vintage blue lensed round sunglasses (find them HERE// DIY striped dungarees // Zara floral polo shirt // vintage patchwork light denim jacket // adidas Originals tri-colour hi-tops // adidas Originals colourful digital watch



Friday, 30 August 2013


The latest cover of the British Push It magazine ( is giving me all kinds of beauty chills right now.

Flowers are the focal inspiration for the cover editorial, and are featured in many creations of the biggest names in fashion like Dior, Marni, Alexis Mabille, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors & many more. Make-up & hair are working as hell - they are perfectly showing the assets of each & every piece that has its own statement. 

Although flowers are imagined as material definition of 'pretty' this edgy editorial doesn't play the obvious card. Flowers are defined in a more refined way - the elegant chicness that is quite more modern than expected. Although none of the elements of the photos could be called 'simple' or 'minimalistic', the outcome is beautiful in a very simple way. That's why I think you don't need more words than this.

(Push It mag)
Photo. Sascha Heintze
Stylist. Liesa Stecher
Hair. Nori Takabayashi
Makeup. Min K
Model. Elise (Ford Models Paris)



Thursday, 29 August 2013

ART. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

Although it was opened in 2011, it's still one of my most wished destinations of my list.

Located in Getaria, Spain - Cristótbal's birthplace located in Basque Country, Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa is an artful mecca in more than one way. Not only it holds about 1200 fashion pieces from the history of the Balenciaga fashion house distinctly separated into rooms by his design phases, its architecture is a art point of its own. The spirits of Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich & Greta Garbo wonder through these amazing halls, as their dresses designed by Mr. Balenciaga adorn the space of the museum. 

It's easy to visit the coastal town of Getaria because it's not far from the popular touristic destination San Sebastian. You can check their opening hours on their webpage (HERE), and visit the place as soon as possible. 

It's the perfect drug for a fashion history junkie like myself. Can't wait to go there some day...
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photo. Idoia Unzurrunzaga, Iñigo Bujedo



Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MENSWEAR. H&M a/w 2013


I won't talk much, but let the amazing AW 2013 menswear collection talk for itself. Since the fashion show in Paris & their presentation in Zagreb, I've been drooling over the pieces from the menswear line. 

I find this collection as the perfect match of fashion with a capital F & high-street fashion. Extremely forward silhouettes that really match other high fashion brands are the base, but I still feel their awareness of their customer that is probably not so obsessed with what they wear. The point where they succeed is where it's not reserved only for one kind of people (which is what other high street brands mostly do) but give a really big span of clothes - from more alternative, through more 'uptown chic' to 'FASHION' people. The appeal of the clothing is mostly in the fact that a lot of people can wear them - in a very different way. If I went for a total H& M aw 2013 - I'd match few statement pieces, while probably most of the people would use just a great coat on top of an otherwise simple combo to look great. 

My choices go to the extremely chic outerwear that is always a strong point of H&M - both in the price-range & on the chicness chart. The beige quilted jacket & the grey oversized coat with banana sleeves are tailored for my closet. I'm only sorry their stock on colour is so low for the colder season, but I cannot truly blame that solely on H&M and their designers, but the whole market - there are very few people that'd wear a neon-coloured coat (hello, I'm HERE!) so I kinda understand. Still, I'd love to see that kind of risk in their collections - just one neon or an unexpected print (love the florals & aztec prints in the collection!). 

Enjoy the 2 videos - the first one is a trend overview for the AW 2013 season with the help of Angelo Flaccavento, who's a renowned fashion journalist, and Andreas Löwenstam, the Head of Design Menswear H&M. The second video is a basic video lookbook of the collection.



Tuesday, 27 August 2013

IN LOVE. Painkiller a/w 2013

 Seeing a fabulous collection is one thing. But knowing about its background and inspiration is just another level of fabulosity. 

'Love will keep us alive' is the name of this Painkiller collection inspired by the Oscar-winning documentary from 2005 called 'March of the Penguins' in more than one way. Yes, it's the literal penguin print, but it's also the oval silhouette imitating the shape of the penguin in a fashionable way. Another moment that's a thread in both the collection & the documentary is the love story that is translated not only in clothes but also in the atmosphere between the models in the lookbook.

All in all, it's a beautiful collection combining functional fashion with crazy Asian creativity. I can imagine the collection walking down the streets of Shoreditch in London in a citified version, although I'd also love to style it for an editorial. That penguin suit is 2DY4!



Monday, 26 August 2013

PREVIEW. Robert Pattinson 4 Dior Homme

Dior Homme recently launched the preview & a first look of their up and coming campaign featuring their new male muse Robert Pattinson who plays the sexy role of the Dior Homme Guy. 

The brand represents the modern guy who's very sexually aware of their own clothing which is shown in their silhouettes that are both slim & fragile, but strong, sharp & masculine - all in the same time. The Twilight star is also the face of their perfume ad which looks amazing (check it out HERE).

The shots shown in the video show extremely sexy scenes featuring Robert & a female model, but also play with the element of New York City as its backdrop. The whole combo feels very modern & edgy, without looking too fashion-y. I could say the photographer Nan Goldin really understood the Kris Van Assche's vision of the brand & the latest collection. PLUS - R Pat fits in the whole story LIKE A GLOVE! Can't wait to see more !!!



Sunday, 25 August 2013


Sweatshirt weather FINALLY.

As I've already mentioned in my Kenzo 'Eye' post (HERE), I've stocked up on sweatshirt this last season, and I couldn't wait for the not-so-hot-nor-so-cold (so called Autumn) weather to come so I could wear them all. Yes, the time has come, and yes I'm aware I'll be b*tching about how cold it is really soon, but for now I couldn't be any happier. 

The first sweatshirt up on the wearing block was this oversized custom made Bubu with love (LINK) piece, I got from the founder & designer of BWL Tara a month or so ago. I was wearing it at home over my sleeping boxers just so I can feel the soft material. It's perfect for autumn because it's not too thick, but is really warm & soft so you can just have it in your bag, and throw it on as it gets colder. 

I went to grab a coffee with some friends in this outfit, so I didn't really need the denim jacket, but to me it looked very 90's trash chic wrapped around my waist. My favourite pair of skinnies were the obvious choice, and the Nikes used as the perfect pop of colour that this outfit needed. The rough & unfinished feel of the sweatshirt really balances the cute baby-blue colour, and the mini-houndstooth print that could easily go feminine.

I already wrote about Bubu with love on when I interviewed Tara and exclusively discovered her s/s 2013 collection HERE.

Bubu with love custom made houndstooth printed oversized sweatshirt (LINK) // vintage Diesel denim jacket // Primark aztec printed tee (worn underneath) // H&M skinny jeans // Nike Air Vortex VNTG sneakers // Daniel Wellington watch



Friday, 23 August 2013

ART. Anthony Gerace

I've always loved Art class in school, and although I wasn't the most talented in drawing & molding, my forté were definitely collages. From the ripping technique, through folding, to cutting - I was a scissor-glue-paper maniac. So, liking Anthony Gerace's work was only the natural thing to do.

Anthony is a London-based artist that masters photography, typography & collage techniques. And yes, he masters it well. One of my favourite collage series of his must be the 'Fig. 1-99' that represent individual portraits on coloured backgrounds - subtly taking out the main object out of the 'picture'. Another one I love is 'There must be more to life than this' - a combination of iconography, photography & collage. Its cubic shapes roughly cut the frame for the nostalgic concrete elements such as the hand, the face, or the whole figure of a woman. 

I hope I'll have enough time in September to visit his studio, or a gallery where his pieces are exhibited because I'm head over heels into this amazing art. #LOVELOVELOVE